Zionist Butcher Kerry: Arab countries offered to pay for US war on Syria


US Secretary of State John Kerry has said that some Arab countries have offered to pay the entire cost of a US attack on Syria.

“With respect to Arab countries offering to bear costs and to assist, the answer is profoundly yes,” Kerry said on Wednesday in the House of Representatives. “They have. That offer is on the table.”

In response to questions by US lawmakers about the details of the offer, Kerry said, “they have been quite significant. I mean, very significant.”

“In fact, some of them have said that if the U.S. is prepared to go do the whole thing, the way we’ve done it previously in other places, they’ll carry that cost. That’s how dedicated they are to this,” he added.

Nevertheless, Kerry refused to reveal the name of the Arab countries that have offered Washington to cover the cost of its war on Syria as antiwar activists sat behind him hold their red-painted hands aloft.

Senior officials within the administration of President Obama, including Secretary of State John Kerry, have launched a lobbying campaign to press US lawmakers in both chambers of US Congress to vote for the authorization of a US military action against Syria.

On Wednesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 10-7 to give Obama the authority to use military force against the Middle Eastern country.

The resolution would limit military action against Syria to a period of 60 days, with the possibility of a 30-day extension. It also bans the use of US ground troops.

Many US lawmakers have raised concerns over a possible US military intervention in Syria.

According to the New York Times, congressional Democrats are a major barrier to Obama’s war plans.

Washington has accused the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of launching a chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus on August 21, killing hundreds of people. The Syrian government has strongly rejected the allegation.

According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, nearly six in 10 in the US are opposed to missile strikes on Syria over accusations that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against militant groups.

Seventy percent of Americans also oppose Washington and its allies’ providing militant groups in Syria with weapons, according to the poll.

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