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Zionist Circles: Elite Forces of Hamas as Proficient as Those of Hezbollah

The Zionist analysts called on the political and military leaders in the entity to stop misleading the settlers regarding the confrontation with the Palestinian resistance, adding that Hamas still hides several military surprise.

The elite forces of Hamas are as proficient as those of Hezbollah, according to the analysts, who noted that the Palestinian movement can deal a major blow to ‘Israel’ at any time.

The Zionist media reported that pressures on ‘Israel’ to stop the aggression on Gaza started augmenting, pointing out that this caused a case of confusion among the Israeli leaders.

The Israeli analysts also cited an augmenting fear in the Zionist entity of the influence of the Palestinian resistance on the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and the 1948 territories, expecting that the conflict between the Arabs and Jews in those areas escalate.

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