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Zionist Entity Admits Failure in Preventing Hezbollah from Possessing Precision Missiles

The Zionist entity finally acknowledged it has failed in preventing Hezbollah from having precision guided missiles, Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar reported on Monday.

In an article published on Monday, Al-Akhbar’s Yahya Dbouk reported, citing Israeli intelligence, that Hezbollah’s arsenal of now includes hundreds and not dozens of precision guided missiles.

“After a long time of denial, Israeli enemy’s intelligence has finally admitted that Hezbollah now possesses hundreds of precision missiles that are capable of hitting sensitive sites across the Zionist entity.

Hezbollah’s movements to develop its arsenal were “despite hundreds of strikes in Syria, which were aimed at preventing Hezbollah from transferring such missiles,” Dbouk said, noting that this “will have high influence on decision makers in Tel Aviv.”

“According to estimations by Israeli intelligence quoted by Israeli Channel 13, Israeli enemy’s efforts to prevent Hezbollah from having precision missiles have failed.”

“Syria strikes did not prevent Hezbollah from developing its capabilities to manufacture and install mid-range and long-range precision guided missiles, according to Israeli estimations, ” Dbouk said.

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