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Zionist Israel plans to build Palestinian-only city


Israel is planning to build a Palestinian-only city in the northernmost part of Israel in a bid to decrease the number of Palestinians living in mostly Jewish-populated areas.

According to Israeli media outlets, the city is to be built near the coastal city of Acre (Akka) at the northern extremity of Haifa Bay, next to the Jdeideh Makr Arab community.

It is still unclear when the city is to be built and its municipal status is still unclear.

Many of Palestinians have condemned construction of the planned city, which is designed to accommodate a population of 40,000.

They say establishing a city for a specific population group is unethical and that all ethnic groups should be permitted to live there.

According to reports, Israel’s Housing and Construction Ministry has been engaged in designing the city for the past four years, after the decision to construct it was made in a 2008 cabinet meeting.

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