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Zionist israeli Websites Hacked: “Countdown of Destruction Has Begun”

Multiple zionist israeli websites were the target of a cyberattack on Thursday, with their homepages being disabled and replaced with a threatening message.

Israeli media accused Iranian hackers of staging the attack, saying that the homepages of the sites were replaced with an anti-Israel video and message in Hebrew and broken English: “The countdown of Israel destruction has begun since a long time ago.”

The sentence is also accompanied by images of what appears to be the destroyed city of Tel Aviv, links to YouTube videos, and other threatening phrases.

The group’s YouTube channel describes them as hackers set on avenging Israeli treatment of Palestinians.

The bottom of the page credited a group called “Hackers_Of_Savior” for the attack. The page title was changed to “Be Ready for a Big Surprise” in Hebrew.

Israel National Cyber Directorate said they are taking care of the problem and internet users who come across sites that have been compromised should avoid clicking on any links.

“An initial investigation of the incident involved a surface-level attack on the websites of private entities in Israel, which were done through a single company that hosts all the sites [attacked].”

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