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Zionist Mbs’ three soldiers defecting Yemen convicted of high treason

Saudi Arabia, one of the major belligerents in the all-our war against Yemen, armed to the teeth with state-of-the-art weapons; the Saudi top-brass was under the impression that they would win the war easily.

Their miscalculation, however, has resulted in a war of attrition, which has caused a loss of morale within the army.

The Saudis are now faced with the double whammy of the Yemeni Ansarullah Movement gaining ground steadily since the breakout of the war AND the increasing number of low-spirited forces who are sick and tired of a meaningless war.

Saudi Leaks has recently published a report revealing a wave of executions of Saudi soldiers. According to the whistle-blowing website, the Saudis recently sentenced to death a number of soldiers who had refused to fight in the Yemen War. 

Yet, such barbaric measures have not helped the Saudi soldiers restore their morale on the battlefield.

So we’re seeing a lot of defections in the Saudi army.

But more interestingly than that there are actually a lot of defections, into the Ansarullah that have happened from the Saudi army when there have been captures, you know, Yemen, Saudi mercenaries.

A lot of them, you know, more drawn to the cause of the Ansarullah more even drawn to their humanity and approach and treating captives and soldiers they’ve actually been defecting over so the Saudi army, just like the Zionist occupying army is facing a huge crisis of morale from its own soldiers.

There is really nothing that is, there’s no cause or no reason that’s really keeping them together.

Julia Maher Kassem, Political Analyst, Journalist

Meanwhile, the Saudi opposition National Assembly Party has warned of a new round of executions, pointing out, “With all these heavy losses, and in light of the continuation of this war and its mistakes and risks, we were surprised by the Saudi authorities by announcing the execution of the three soldiers.”

 The Saudi army doesn’t even really know how to fight. A lot of their weapons capabilities and their capabilities during the siege have just been imported or bought off.

So there isn’t really a cohesive Saudi army to begin with as far as the fighting force but what we’re seeing now is, it’ll be coming into collapse.

Lots of defections, as I mentioned, and so obviously like with the recent executions, it’s, it’s showing that this is like a major threats of what’s left of the Saudi Army.

Julia Maher Kassem, Political Analyst, Journalist

Made up of Saudi dissidents living in exile, the National Assembly Party says the executions were carried out in complete ambiguity and absence of fair trials.  These soldiers are convicted on high treason charges.

Breaking down the charges, Saudi Leaks writes, “These soldiers have refused to take part in the war, to bomb Yemeni civilians, to destruct Yemeni infrastructure, or to carry out the scorched-earth policy in Yemen which is pursued from time to time.”

With the economic losses that Saudi regime has incurred, it’s also affected their army which is weak; it doesn’t know how to fight. It doesn’t know how to.

It doesn’t have anything to fight for in the least so I’m not, definitely not surprised that the morale has gone the same way that the (morale of the) American occupying army has in Iraq, you know at the end of the Iraq war, or that the Zionist army are finding themselves in right now.

Any unjust war fought is going to have the effect on the occupying army that is fighting it and causing atrocities.

Julia Maher Kassem, Political Analyst, Journalist

MBS plans for regional dominance fail abysmally

Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman, is under fire for his rash decision to declare war against neighboring Yemen in a failed bid to establish his foothold in the region as a rising star in the political sphere of the region. [  

Well, definitely the Saudi army has been dealt a crushing defeat from the Yemeni resistance and the Saudi army was never really an army that knew how to fight to begin with.

We saw in Yemen, there were huge numbers of mercenaries just imported from Sudan imported from; you know other places, poor countries in the world.

And essentially you can’t really build an army just by buying them off.

The Saudis have never had to really defend anything, defend their territory, they’ve always just been, you know, a fake like comprador nation that has been bought off and built off their ability to be bought off to.

Julia Maher Kassem, Political Analyst, Journalist

In addition to the war itself, there have been a number of other things that have affected the situation, one of them having to do with the kingdom’s deteriorating economy. 

The Saudi forces are complaining about low salaries, poor health services, slashed bonuses, and widespread administrative corruption in the Saudi military, to say the least.

 To top it all, these soldiers cannot freely express their concerns as they know any objection might cost them dearly.  

Well the losses that have been inflicted by the resistance onto the Saudi army have also definitely been great enough to, you know, impact considerably on Saudi Arabia, has had its oil and gas production facilities, hit and targeted by the resistance successfully.

So, the economic losses that have both gone through in this war, as well as the failure of the weapons defense systems that Saudi Arabia has invested huge amounts of money in, as well as the losses incurred by losing militarily have definitely had their toll on the regimes ability to pay off its mercenaries.

Julia Maher Kassem, Political Analyst, Journalist

The Saudis are experiencing one humiliating defeat after another; they have proved to be too incompetent to win a war, even against the poorest country in the region; at the same time, they have been too vulnerable against the counterattacks mounted by the Ansarullah movement, all despite being one of the world’s largest military spenders.

Military superiority does not guarantee military success

We see all the weapons and all the money in the world cannot build an army, essentially, the Saudis have never been able to fight on their own, they’ve never been able to fight period, and especially during this siege everything as I’ve mentioned has just been imported and bought off on the front of the Saudi army none of it actually comes to its own merits or capabilities in warfare and in battle, which are nonexistent.

And it’s the same thing with the Zionists to the same exact story, and with the United States, no army, no army as far as a force of people that actually fight or have something to fight for essentially just weapons technology that are futile against popular forces.

Julia Maher Kassem, Political Analyst, Journalist

The fact is the Saudi military is simply too large but inadequately organized and with personnel who have received insufficient training.

Moreover, there are a lot of tribal factions within the Saudi military which have created an atmosphere of mistrust in the establishment.

There are reports of growing discontent within the Saudi military over the mismanagement of the war by King Salman and his son.

Whereas the Saudi air strike campaign has proved to be largely unsuccessful, the Saudis have not been able to accomplish any of their stated goals on the ground.

Six years into the Yemen War, Riyadh has yet to figure out how to send its low-spirited forces into the battlefield against one of the most deprived fighters in the world.

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