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Zionist Military Analyst: Hezbollah Elite Forces Deployed in Lebanon’s Border Towns to Invade Galilee and Occupy Settlements upon Command

Zionist Military Analyst, Alon Ben David, considered that Hezbollah elite troops are deployed in the Lebanese border towns with the occupied Palestinian territories to invade Galilee and occupy a number of settlements for a number of days upon the command of the Resistance leadership, adding that period of calm which had prevailed in the area had ended.

Ben David pointed out that Hezbollah has been preparing to engage in short wars with the Israeli occupation army in case the latter responded to the inevitable military operation of the Resistance in retaliation for the Zionist crime of killing one of its fighters in an air raid on Syria in 2020.

In this regard, the Zionist analyst also indicated that the recent drills of the Israeli army on the northern border, Lightning Storm, simulate a military escalation that slides into an all-out war after Hezbollah supposedly snipes a Zionist soldier.

Meanwhile, Ben David also noted that the Israeli intelligence checks Hezbollah fighters are not present in the posts that the air force intends to strike in Syria in order to avoid any military confrontation with the Resistance Party.

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