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Zionist military on high alert over potential Iranian attack from Syria: zionist media

The zionist military is preparing itself for a potential attack by the Iranian forces inside Syria, Israeli Army Radio said on Tuesday, as reported by I24 News.

Citing unnamed sources, Israeli Army Radio said the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were preparing their air defenses for a potential cruise missile attack from the Iranian forces that are currently present inside Syria.

In particular, the report claimed Israel was focusing its defense capabilities on harder to detect, low-flying cruise missiles and drone strikes – unlike high-arcing ballistic missiles that are easier to intercept.

Furthermore, they said this alleged Iranian missile threat is due to Israel’s attacks on their forces inside both Iraq and Syria.

Iran has yet to retaliate for the string of attacks launched by the Israeli forces in Iraq’s Salaheddine Governorate and Syria’s Damascus and Deir Ezzor governorates.

However, Hezbollah did retaliate against the IDF following an attack on their media center in the southern suburbs of Beirut in September.

Since then, the Israeli military has not been as active inside Syria and Iraq, prompting many to believe the Russian Armed Forces were playing a role in preventing these attacks.

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