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Zionist occupation regime witnessing mysterious raids on military sites

The zionist Defense Forces’ (IDF ) Deputy Chief of Staff, General Eyal Zamir, discussed with the Deputy Inspector General of Police, General Alon Asur, incidents of theft attempts at military training areas, which continue to be targeted by mysterious raids.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, Makan, confirmed said on Wednesday evening that Zamir discussed with Asur about following up on these raids, which they believe have been carried out by the Negev Bedouins.

The Makan report stated that the Israeli police were in pursuit of assailants in Bir Hadaj, which is in the Negev Desert.

However, this pursuit ended after a verbal argument between the residents and the two Israeli officers, noting the army’s role in thwarting and preventing the theft attempt before its follow-up was transferred to the police.

A joint statement by the Israeli army and police spokesman said that joint cooperation between them should continue, with a view to creating additional solutions to prevent such serious crimes.

Since the start of the new year, some Israeli military posts and bases have been subjected to nightly raids, which have seen forced the IDF and local police to increase their security in the Negev Desert region.

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