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Zionist Puppet Saudi Forces Demolish 5 Villages to Build Separation Wall with Yemen

Saudi forces bulldozed 5 villages into the ground to build a long wall along the borders with Yemen to prevent the trembles of the Yemeni revolution from spreading deep into the Arab peninsula.

According to sources close to the al-Saud dynasty, Riyadh is building the wall to prevent a spread of the Yemenis’ revolutionary feelings to Saudi Arabia, specially considering the growing Shiite protests in the Eastern parts of the country.

This is while the new Yemeni government led by Mansour Hadi has kept mum on the Saudi regime’s moves alongside its borders and the issue has provoked anger among the Yemeni people.

Earlier a leader of Yemen’s revolutionary youths had said that Riyadh is deeply fearful of the spread of the popular uprising in Yemen to Saudi Arabia and is trying hard to end this revolution at any cost.

“Saudi Arabia wants to end Yemen’s revolution by any means and at any cost,” member of Shabab al-Smood (Youth Withstand) movement Faris Abu-Bare’a told FNA in March.

“Saudi Arabia is fearing the success of Yemen’s revolution more than any other revolution because it knows very well that in case this revolution succeeds, the Yemenis will be freed from the claws of the tyranny of the Saudi kingdom and the Saudis’ hand will be cut off Yemen’s affairs,” he stated.

“Moreover, Saudi Arabia is afraid of the influence of Yemen’s revolution on its own people because it is ruled by a tyrannical royal regime,” he added.

Yemen is witnessing continued protests as opposition leaders say the country’s newly-elected president, Abed Rabu Mansour Hadi, is not able to materialize the goals of Yemen’s revolution since he is one of the remnants of the former regime.

Yemen’s revolution leaders blast the country’s authorities for holding a superficial single-candidate presidential election, saying that people want a full annihilation of Abdollah Saleh’s regime and trial of all his allies and affiliates.

Yemen has witnessed a popular uprising against the regime of Abdullah Saleh since January 2011.

Anti-regime demonstrators hold Saleh responsible for the killing of hundreds of protesters during the uprising. The Yemeni people urge that Saleh and his allies should stand trial for their massive crimes and massacre of the people.

Yemen’s new president Mansour Hadi took the oath of office before the country’s parliament last month. He replaced Saleh, who ruled the country for 33 years before leaving office in a power transfer deal after over a year of political turmoil.

Mansour Hadi, who was Saleh’s vice-president, was formally inaugurated following a single-candidate presidential election. The election was arranged as part of a US and Persian Gulf Cooperation Council-backed power transfer deal signed in November.

But, people continue protests across the country, saying that they want Saleh and his allies and companions to stand on trial. They also protest that part of the cabinet is still formed of Saleh ministers and affiliates who should be tried instead of being given a post in the cabinet.

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