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Zionist regime launches overnight attacks on Gaza and southwest Syria

The zionist Defense Forces (IDF) announced last night that their fighter aircraft and helicopter gunships raided an underground installation belonging to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Zionist army spokesman Avichai Adrai said in a tweet: “Fighter jets and a helicopter raided a short while ago on an underground facility belonging to Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip in response to the rocket fire from the strip towards Israel earlier this evening.”

Not long after the attack on Gaza, the Israeli Defense Forces launched an attack on the southwestern region of Syria.

According to a military source in Damascus, the Israeli Defense Forces fired several missiles towards the Al-Huriyah area of Al-Quneitra, hitting one school and a military post inside the governorate.

The source said the Syrian Arab Army did not respond to the Israeli attack, but their forces were placed on high alert near the occupied Golan Heights.

This latest attack by the Israeli Defense Forces marks the first time in October that they have struck the Syrian Arab Army’s positions.

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