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Zionist regime responsible for many conflicts in Middle East: Hezbollah

A high-ranking member of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has accused the Tel Aviv regime of being behind most crises in the Middle East region.

“The Israeli occupation [regime] is the biggest problem in our region. It intervenes in world’s issues… [while] the Unites States and Europe help it to normalize relations with some Arab countries, so that the regime is accepted internationally and regionally in particular,” Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said in an interview with Arabic-language al-Manar television network.

He added, “Israel is the main problem in the region as it is behind many existing crises. This region will continue to suffer from successive and cumulative crises as long as the Israeli occupation [regime] exists and acts in such an aggressive manner under American supervision.”

“We must always bear in mind that Israel is a great danger; and that Arab and Muslim countries should reach an understanding with each other and work out appropriate means of cooperation. I am warning those countries seeking normalization of ties with the Israeli enemy that your bids will destroy your nations. Protect the independence of your countries against Israel rather than facilitating such a scheme!” Qassem pointed out.

PressTV-Pompeo makes unannounced visit to Iraq

Pompeo makes unannounced visit to Iraq

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has made an unannounced visit to Iraq, involving meetings with high-ranking officials and no statement to media.

The senior Hezbollah official then noted that the US has failed miserably in Syria, describing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s tour of the Middle East as an attempt by the White House to raise the morale of its frustrated regional allies.

He then scoffed at the recent visit by US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale to Beirut, stating that the solution to Lebanon’s government formation deadlock is “domestic.”

PressTV-Some parties don't want govt. formed: Lebanon’s Berri

Some parties don’t want govt. formed: Lebanon’s Berri

The Lebanese parliament speaker says there are parties that do not want a new cabinet to be formed and the political deadlock resolved.

“Hale knows very well that he is not in a position to dictate things on Lebanon and its officials. He who does not see daily Israeli violations against Lebanon as an aggression is not eligible to give advice about citizenship and Lebanon’s future,” Qassem underlined.

“Hence, he is advised to know that the future of Lebanon is in the hands of its nation, and Lebanon’s interests are not expected to be in line with the failed US-Israeli plan, which has ruined the region,” he said.

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