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Zionist regime, the tumor created after the international wars of the Arrogant Powers

The Muslim nations were under the hegemony and oppression of the arrogant powers of the world for decades. The world wars, which broke out between the arrogant powers of the world, started from Europe.

The arrogant powers of the world attacked each other and they involved the Muslim nations and the regional nations in the consequences and problems that resulted from these wars. It was after these wars that the dangerous and deadly Zionist outgrowth was created in our sensitive region – among Muslim countries, in the heart of the world of Islam. It was after these wars that the wrong and flawed structure of the United Nations and its Security Council was established and certain governments were given a power of veto. That is to say, the same blood stained hands and clutches that started those deadly wars decided to take control of the world afterwards and spread their hegemony over this sensitive, important and rich region, a region which could have been a center for the unity of the world of Islam. And this was exactly what they did. We were suffering from lack of vigilance. The Muslim nations were asleep. They became the target of attacks and their destiny was afflicted with big complex problems, problems that the Muslim nations are still suffering from. We were not vigilant enough. Leaders of the Islamic countries were suffering from lack of vigilance during a certain era and they fell for the games of global powers. Today it is felt, it is witnessed that this veil of unawareness, which had clouded minds in the regional countries and in the Muslim countries, is disappearing. It is necessary to appreciate this. Aug 19, 2012

The role of the Zionist Regime in destabilizing West Asia

Today the policies of the Arrogant Front are creating tension and discord among Muslim nations and even among the people of these nations. Today, this is the doing of the enemies’ policy. It is a plan that plotters and schemers, of the criminal US and the Zionist regimes, devised for our country because it is one of the most important Islamic regions.

You can see the signs, presently: the tragic events in Yemen, the events in Syria, and the events which took place in Iraq and other Islamic countries. The solution begins when Muslim nations discover the main reason for this all this turmoil. The main reason stems from the enmity of the front of arrogance against the Islamic community and Ummah: this is at the core of the issue. Muslims must take a stand against the policies of the Arrogant Front. Standing up to the West is the responsibility of government members, political officials, and the religious, cultural personalities throughout the Islamic World. Another severe problem the Zionist regime, which has been planted in the heart of the Islamic World for the sake of creating discord, causing sedition, and posing threats. The Zionist regime will not survive. All historical experiences, certainly, dictate and convey this message. Jun 15, 2018

Iran is the main challenge for the Zionist Regime

Today, just like the first days after the Revolution, sovereign Iran faces challenges from the imperialists, arrogant powers; yet, there is a meaningful difference. If the challenges posed by the United States those days involved ending the intrusion by foreign agents or closing down the embassy of the Zionist regime in Tehran, or exposing the spy den [the former US embassy in Tehran], today, the challenges concern Iran’s strong presence near the borders of the Zionist regime, putting an end to the United States’ unlawful infiltration in the West Asia, the Islamic Republic’s support for the Palestinian people’s resistance at the heart of the Occupied Territories as well as defending the high flying flag of Hezbollah and the resistance throughout this region. If then the West’s concern was to prevent Iran from buying basic weaponry, today, their concern is to prevent the transfer of advanced Iranian weapons to the Resistance forces. If on those days, the United States presumed that the Islamic government and the Iranian nation could be vanquished with the help of a few Iranian sellouts and a small number of aircrafts and helicopters, today they feel they need a coalition of tens of hostile or daunted states to counter Iran on the political and security fronts; and yet, they fail. Thanks to the revolution, Iran today stands out at an elevated position, one that the Iranian nation deserves to enjoy in front of the world; and Iran has already passed the challenging twists on the path of resolving its fundamental issues. Feb 11, 2019

The Zionist regime’s illegitimacy has been carved into the hearts of the Islamic Ummah 

The Zionist regime will not survive. All historical experiences, certainly, dictate and convey this message. The Zionist regime has fundamental problems. Today, the Americans, the elements in the Zionist regime, itself, and some weak-willed governments, which are obedient to the US, think that by establishing overt or covert diplomacy with the Zionist regime, they can solve some problems. –This is not the case. The problems caused by the Zionist regime will not be solved by the existence or non-existence of a diplomatic relationship with other governments. It is not the case that problems initiated by the Zionist regime will be resolved should two, three governments – more or less – establish relations with it or break the taboo of establishing relations with “Israel” and join hands with it. The Zionist regime’s biggest problem stems from its lack of legitimacy: the Zionist regime is illegitimate; the formation of this regime is based on a lie.

Zionists expelled a people from their country by force, via massacres and threats, and with the help of armed forces: they did this to a historical nation. The Palestinian nation is not an illegitimate or newly-emerged nation: the same is true of the country of Palestine. Are they able to eliminate Palestine’s map from the historical-geographical memory of the world? Is this possible? Even if they force some weak-willed countries in the Middle-Eastern region into establishing diplomatic relations with the Zionist regime, this will not solve their problem: the source of their problems stems from lack of legitimacy.

The Zionist regime’s foundations in the region are shaky, unstable, and faulty: this is not something wherein the key to solving matters are in the hands of other government officials. The people’s emotions in some of the countries, which happen to have a long history of friendly relations with the Zionist regime – I will not mention which countries, are getting much tenser towards the Zionist regime than other countries. The overall concern rest with several nations.

The Zionist regime’s lack of legitimacy has been carved into the hearts of the Islamic Ummah and this is not erasable. They will not be able to solve this problem with the efforts of the White House and by transferring the US embassy to Quds and other such actions. This problem is unsolvable. And without doubt, by Allah’s favor and with the determination of Muslim nations, this regime – which has been created on the basis of falsehood – will be completely destroyed.

Jun 15, 2018

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