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Zionist regime violates ceasefire by attacking Gaza

The regime’s warplanes bomb position in Gaza reportedly belonging to resistance movement Hamas.

The violation of the ceasefire came in response to alleged incendiary device-laden balloons flown towards the occupied territories from the enclave.

“The strike was carried out in response to the arson balloon attacks,” the Israeli military said on its Twitter page of the Thursday attack, PressTV reported.

It specified its target as an alleged site used by Hamas to “develop and build weapons.”

“Most of the fires (resulting from the purported balloons) were small and not dangerous,” The Times of Israeli reported, citing the regime’s Fire and Rescue Services. “Firefighters gained control of blazes before they cause damage,” the daily added.

The Israeli military added that it “will respond with determination against” any such incident.

In May, the regime launched its fourth full-scale war against the already Tel Aviv-blockaded impoverished territory.

The war killed more than 250 Palestinians, but the regime was forced to put out a desperate call for a ceasefire after Gaza’s resistance groups targeted the occupied territories with more than 4,000 rockets.

The Israeli daily claimed that the Thursday offensive marked “a shift” in the regime’s new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s policy. It said the attack had shown that the regime’s new officials had even ramped up their violence against the coastal territory compared to the previous ruling coalition of premier Benjamin Netanyahu, “which did not always respond to arson balloon attacks with airstrikes.”

Hamas has, however, strongly warned the regime on many occasions against testing its firepower. It has reminded it how the resistance’s rockets reached surprising distances during its latest successful defensive operation against the war.

The defensive campaign, known as the Operation Sword of al-Quds, saw Hamas’ projectiles fly as far as the holy occupied city of al-Quds and Tel Aviv itself as well as even northern-lying cities such as Haifa and Nazareth.

The movement has, accordingly, asserted that it has many means at its disposal to contain the regime’s aggression.

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