Zionist regime war minister opposes arms supervisory pact

3c0cd6bf28b39b37688050cdb57f095a_LThe Zionist regime’s war minister, Moshe Ya’alon, has said that conclusion of the UN affiliated arms supervisory pact threatens the security of Israeli regime.

According to IRIB World Service, the Zionist regime war minister is against the conclusion of UN arms supervisory pact, which prohibits illegal arms trade, with the intention of prevention of war crimes. The Zionist regime’s war minister went on to add that supervision over arms trade endangers the security of Israeli regime.
On April 2013, following seven years of negotiations, the UN General Assembly prepared the treaty for international control of arms trade, upon the support of 154 countries out of 193 UN member states.
The UN Chief, Ban Ki-Moon, has urged all UN member states to sign and approve this pact in order to prevent the further death of innocent people as the consequence of illegal arms trade.

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