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Zionist Saudi Army suffers humiliating defeat to Yemeni Forces in Jizan Province


Zionist Saudi  Army suffered a humiliating defeat inside their own country at the hands of the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard and the Houthis on Thursday, as the latter captured the strategic mountains of Jabal Al-Dood in southern Saudi Arabia. According to Al-Masdar’s Yemen War correspondent Tony Toh (@TonyTohcy), the Yemeni forces imposed full control over Jabal Al-Dood during a large-scale military operation in the Jizan Province of southern Saudi Arabia, marking another major defeat for the Saudi-led Coalition. In addition to losing Jabal Al-Dood on Thursday, the Saudi-led Coalition forces also surrendered dozens of military personnel and a large cache of weapons to the Yemeni Army and the Houthis. The Saudi-led Coalition has been unable to achieve any success in the provinces of Asir and Jizan, despite possessing the more technologically advanced weaponry and a large air force to attack the Yemeni ground forces and their popular committees. Instead, the Saudi-led Coalition forces have done most of their damage to the Yemeni civilians living in the capital of Sanaa and historical city of Saada in northern Yemen. So far, the war in Yemen has cost nearly 8,500 civilian lives and the large-scale destruction to the country’s architectural infrastructure and political stability.

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