Zionist Slaughterer Israeli apartheid wall isolates Jerusalem

Zionist Slaughterer Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) isolated Jerusalem from the northern and eastern sides with the construction of the last part of the Apartheid Wall in the area.

Zionist Slaughterer Israeli soldiers told pedestrians at Enata military checkpoint to the north east of Jerusalem that they will not able to pass through the checkpoint for the construction of the last part of the apartheid wall in this area.

With the construction of this part, the occupation authorities have isolated Jerusalem entirely in terms of both the eastern and northern sides, and separated several neighborhoods in the city, such as Shu’fat camp, the town of Enata, and neighborhoods of Ras Khamis, Ras Shihadeh, Ram, and Kafr Aqab and Semiramis.

The population of this area is estimated between 70 and 100 thousand people, who are obliged to pass through Jerusalem’s crossings to reach the city. At the same time, IOA has isolated Jerusalem from Bethlehem in the south, and is completing the construction of the wall from the western side.

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