Zionist Slaughterer Israeli court delays trial of Abu Arafah and Totah

Israeli court delays trial of Abu Arafah and Totah
The so-called District Court in occupied Jerusalem on Sunday adjourned the trial of former Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Khalid Abu Arafa and MP for Jerusalem Mohammed Totah to April 10.

The trial’s postponement came at the request of the prosecution under the pretext it was not ready for presenting its case, according Fadi Qawasmi, the lawyer for the two detainees.

The lawyer pointed out that the Public Prosecutor has delayed the trial for the second time, where it demanded to sentence the two detainees for high provisions under the pretext of their high positions in Hamas movement.

MP Ahmed Attoun was turned to administrative detention for 6 months under the pretext of contacting some of Hamas leaders in West Bank.

The last court session was positive, where the court refused the Israeli internal minister’s decision to withdraw their identity cards.

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