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Zionist Terror Regime Collapsing…

While dealing with political problems inside, the Israeli regime is facing the most severe missile attack in its history.

Netanyahu, the corrupt Prime Minister of a fake regime fighting for his political life, sought to strengthen his internal position by continuing to commit crimes against the oppressed Palestinian people, unaware that the Zionist regime was exposed to the most severe rocket attacks in its history by Palestinian resistance groups. Statistics released by the media of Israel show that since the beginning of the new round of aggression against the Palestinian people, more than 200 rockets and mortars have been fired from inside the Gaza Strip into Tel Aviv and other parts of Israel and the Iron Dome anti-missile system has been unable to prevent them.

“The city is completely lost and the streets are the scene of a civil war between the Palestinian people and the occupiers,” Israeli mayor Al-Led was quoted as saying by Israeli media. “What is happening in Acre, Al-Lad and other parts of Israel is a revolution in every sense of the word, the Palestinian youth have risen up in support of the resistance, and the people of Gaza are certainly aware of what is happening, are happy.” 

Pictures posted on social media show the Palestinian flag being hoisted on an Israeli police car, a move that is unprecedented in its kind. The lowering of the Israeli flag from the entrance of an administrative institution and the installation of the Palestinian flag in its place is also unprecedented.

In the first weeks of May, when Netanyahu was tried in court for bribery, and after failing to form a cabinet, he commissioned a group of Jewish nationalists to evict Palestinians from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem from their homes where they had lived all their lives. Houses built for the Palestinians in the 1950s, when East Jerusalem al-Quds was under Jordanian rule, in cooperation with the United Nations. Netanyahu took the risk by diverting Israeli public opinion from domestic issues and strengthening his political position. But the occupier regime’s violent crackdown on fasting Palestinians sparked another intifada, and mass demonstrations and Hamas rocket attacks on the heart of Tel Aviv robbed the Zionist regime of sleep.

Netanyahu’s next mistake was to bring the violent clashes to Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first qibla of the Muslims and the place of the Ascension of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH). The brutal actions of the Israeli police against the worshipers led to the solidarity of the Palestinian Muslims ‌ and their violent protests, which soon spread to the cities of Haifa, Nazareth and even other Muslim countries.

Netanyahu, who once dreamed of achieving the goals of the Great Deal of the Century and the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, is now on the verge of another major defeat and has turned to the UN Security Council and its European allies to manage the crisis. Concerned about the Muslim victory and the continuation of Hamas rocket attacks on Tel Aviv, his former supporter Donald Trump accused Joe Biden of weakness and aiding and abetting the Zionist regime, and the United Nations and European countries called for restraint without condemning Israeli crimes.

The crimes of the child-killing regime of Israel in recent events have even silenced the voices of four weak Arab countries, namely the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco, which sought to reveal their ties to Tel Aviv, and the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation have been forced to condemn the crimes. 

There is no doubt that Israel is on the verge of decline and Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque will be liberated in the shadow of the continuation of the intifada of stones and missiles and the continuation of popular demonstrations. According to the  Ayatollah Khamenei the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, “two important factors determine the future: first – and most importantly – the continuation of resistance within the Palestinian territories and the strengthening of the line of jihad and martyrdom, and second, the global support of Muslim governments and nations around the world for the Palestinian fighters. All of us – statesmen, intellectuals, religious scholars, parties and groups, brave youth and others – must find our place in this global movement and play a role.”

It is time for the world and international organizations and human rights defenders to break their silence against the criminal Zionist regime and to rush to support the oppressed and defenseless Palestinian people with practical and effective help, especially to sever ties with the fake Israeli regime. The fulfillment of the divine promise is near.

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