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Zionist terror regime Using UAE Territories to Sabotage Maritime Navigation Systems in Persian Gulf

Terrorist israeli regime has transferred hi-tech equipment to the UAE in the past few weeks to carry out sabotage acts against the air and maritime navigations systems in the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman region, a report said.

Nour News Agency, affiliated to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), carried the report on Wednesday, citing an informed security official.

“It has been about a month since Mossad (the Israeli spy agency)’s cyber units have transferred advanced equipment to one of the UAE’s emirates,” the source said.

The campaign seeks, on the one hand, to “disrupt the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman region’s air and maritime navigation systems, thus destabilizing the regional security situation,” the official added.

On the other, the bid seeks to “transit the focal point of crisis away from the occupied territories towards the region and [therefore] reduce the political and security pressure faced by the regime’s ruling body,” the source said.

Nour News described the campaign as “a comprehensive plan”.

It further quoted the official as saying that, through the drive, Tel Aviv sought to sow discord and misunderstanding among the regional countries and force them into uncalled-for conflict.

The source described this as “the most essential goal” that was being pursued by the regime.

The official said if necessary, more detailed information would be released in due course concerning the whereabouts of the Israeli units, the nature of their technical equipment, and the team’s plans.

The source, meanwhile, expressed certainty that the Israeli team’s work was taking place in “complete coordination” with the UAE’s intelligence apparatus.

The report came only a day after at least four ships broadcast warnings off the Emirati coast, suggesting that they had lost control of their steering operations under unclear circumstances.

The vessels — called Queen Ematha, Golden Brilliant, Jag Pooja, and Abyss — announced via their Automatic Identification System (AIS) trackers on Tuesday that they were “not under command,” according to, which provides real-time information on the movements of ships.

Abu Dhabi normalized its relations with Tel Aviv last year, despite outspoken warnings against its helping the regime to interfere with the region’s political and security equations. 

The cyber sabotage campaign by the Israeli regime comes amid its ongoing efforts together with its allies to accuse Iran of sporadic attacks that have been targeting Israeli and other vessels throughout the region.

The Islamic Republic has strongly rejected the allegations, and cautioned the regime and others against trying to target Iranian interests.

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami underlined on Wednesday that Iran’s response to the threats waged by enemies against the country will be ‘devastating’ and will make them feel regret.

“We warn them (enemies) to learn from the past and know that our response to enemies’ threats will be more destructive and regrettable,” General Salami said, speaking in a live TV program on the recent media hype of enemies against Iran.

“Ever since the Islamic Republic of Iran was established successfully, enemies left no stone unturned and made their utmost efforts to take advantage of events that sometimes took place inside the country in the fields of water or electricity shortages and similar issues,” he added.

“We are in the process of transferring the government which differs from the power transfer that takes place in the US, and this transition of government in Iran is dignified, healthy and peaceful, and we are going through the political process,” General Salami said.

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