zionsit Knesset Vice-Speaker Calls for Assassination of Palestinian Leaders

The Vice-Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Danny Danon, issued an open call for terrorist operations on the lives of Palestinian leaders.

“Israel should assassinate the Hamas leaders to revive its deterrence power,” Danon was quoted as saying by Felestin al-Yom news network on Wednesday.

Also, in hostile remarks after the Zionist regime intensified air strikes against the Gaza Strip, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Wednesday threatened to launch another offensive on the coastal area.

“If we need a ground operation, there will be a ground operation. We will do whatever necessary to stop the wave,” Barak said.

Zionist officials have repeatedly made bold calls for terrorist operations against Palestinians and the international community is shockingly mum about such a flagrant of international rules and Tel Aviv’s bold acknowledgement of its terrorist nature.

In 2009, the then Israeli Minister of Religious Affairs, Yitzhak Cohen, had similarly called for the assassination of Hamas leaders.

Cohen, who resided in the Southern city of Ashkelon at the time, said it was time to “remove Hamas leaders Khaled Mashaal, Mahmoud Al-Zahar and Ismail Haniyeh”.

Cohen’s call for the assassination of Hamas leaders later met action. Mashaal, Al-Zahar and Haniyeh are alive, but several other Palestinian leaders were killed in terrorist operations by the Israeli regime, mostly in the form of helicopter air raids on specific targets.

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