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Zoabi: What is Happening in Iraq Threatens Entire Region


Syria’s Minister of Information Omran al-Zoabi said the tragic events taking place in Iraq threaten the collapse of the entire Middle East and undermine security in and beyond Europe.

ZoabiIn an interview with the Associated Press, al-Zoabi said, “What is happening in Iraq is dangerous and threatens the security of the entire region. It threatens the security of the Gulf, of Iran, Turkey and the entire Middle East. It also touches directly the security of Europe and international security.”

He added, “Confronting the armed terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq is a national duty. The Iraqi army is confronting those in Iraq and Syria is confronting those in Syria.”

Minister al-Zoubi stressed that no one can change the national borders of the Syrian state as it is the duty and the right of the Syrian government to confront any attempt to infringe on its national sovereignty.

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