Zoubi: Syria Has No Chemical Weapons

Syrian Information Minister Omran Zoubi revealed Monday that his country “doesn’t own any chemical weapons,” adding that “Even if Syria owned such weapons, it will not use them for moral reasons.”

In an interview with al-Manar channel, Zoubi said that “the repeated US-western talk on chemical weapons aims to frighten Syria.”
He further mentioned that the Western coalition might apply the Iraqi scenario in Syria.
On the smuggling of weapons to Syria, the minister stated that “some Future MPs are responsible for the transfer of arms and funds to rebels groups.”
“This violates both the Lebanese, Syrian, and international laws as well as the international law,” he declared, and added that ” the Syrian state has the right and must start the formal to prevent such acts.”

In parallel, Zoubi mentioned that “the clashes around Damascus are limited to the country sides and attempts by the terrorist organizations to achieve any kind of progress.”
“The Syrian opposition abroad, think in a way that is against the country’s interests and the proof is that the opposition coalition closed the door to dialogue,” he confirmed.
In this context, Zoubi told al-Manar: “They say that they represent the Syrian people, and we say that we represent the Syrian people. Let them come into a political solution.”

The minister also highlighted the existence of terrorist groups among which is Jabhat al-Nusra [al-Nusra Front], that forms an umbrella for other groups.
“The US move to set the front on the international terrorist organizations isn’t sufficient,” he confirmed.

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