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‘Zulfikar’, He Who Raised Us… on the Path of the Great Victory



A great man, as Martyr Mustafa Badreddine, the significant man of resistance, is absent today, yet he left us the honor of victories and a path full of glory. He established, with the major leaders, the honor and might of resistance since long ago, when the resistance shot the very first bullets at “Israel”. This resistance made the enemy experience humiliation, which teased it to watch this hero for decades, while being aware how huge his role was. Men of honor, as Zulfikar, whose name carries a thousand meanings of courage and sacrifice, he whom the major characteristics belong to, and so do the eagerness and firmness of resistance fighters in all battlefields, which are the result of planning, orientation and leadership that he established, and which merged within his personality and integrated with his sacrifices facing the American-Zionist project and its tools, to achieve successive victories heading towards the greatest of them.

Sayyed Mostafa left us, but he kept his heritage, a massive unlimited heritage of resistance, just the same as his fellow and friend Hajj Imad Moughniyeh. Leading the fronts, he sat, walked and managed fighting the enemy and the Zionist project. His influences lasted for decades of fighting the Zionists, and some few years fighting the Takfiri enemy, the tool of the same project, against which he was engaged in major battles. He said recently, as if he had sensed that he had almost reached the honor and victory of being martyred, that he won’t return from Syria unless he was martyred or he had achieved victory. According to some companions, he had always sensed the “Israeli” drones’ surveillance. Hence, he didn’t accept returning without either being martyred or achieving victory. He returned martyred from Syria, but who said he didn’t make victory? He, as the Hezbollah statement that declared his martyrdom described him, “returned as a martyr showered with the victory he established for through his severe fighting against the Takfiri groups in Syria, which are the forefront of the American-Zionist project in the region.”

Whatever the mean of ending the life of this distinguished figure was, which will be announced later on after Hezbollah announced that “a huge blast targeted one of our points near the Damascus International Airport, which led to the martyrdom of brother and leader Mustafa Badreddine (Sayyed Zulfikar) and the injury of others,” the mean was “assassination” according to the pattern of the Zionists and the Americans who are disable to confront in the battlefield. Just as the Takfiris conduct blasts when they fail in the field, so do the Zionists and the Americans conduct blasts or carry strikes and assassinate both leaders and civilians when they fail to confront.

Whoever conducted this job, the enemies of this huge martyr are well-known… starting from the Zionists and the Americans, and reaching the Takfiri tools that “Zulfikar” bravely made them experience humiliation.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that the greatest catastrophe will take place, being greatest than the Palestinian catastrophe, hadn’t we confront, and had we let it succeed. “Zulfikar” was one of the heads deterring the new catastrophe. Sayyed Nasrallah also said that ISIL is an American product facing Hezbollah and the axis of resistance, thus the martyr leader and his brothers had to defend the existence of resistance and its axis to protect our nation and sacrifice their rest and blood. Sayyed Nasrallah told those who are still discussing the reason of going to Syria that Washington and its allies, according to their own confessions, founded ISIL to fight Hezbollah in an attempt to destroy it.

From the attempt to destroy it to the attempt to defame it, in parallel with the tools and the attempts to destroy the resistance, there are serious efforts to defame it and its leaders. Just as happened with martyr leader Hajj Rodwan describing him with false characteristics and indictments that only belong to those who created them, so was martyr Sayyed Zulfikar defamed in all means of faking and misguiding along many years of his life, especially in the latest period (check on the website: Mostafa Badreddine and the “Israeli” Failure).

He was viewed in the American and Arab media as a man who spends good times in luxurious expensive coastal houses with luxurious yachts, enjoys a wealth and spends nights having fun, in an attempt to deny his heroic image and the symbolism of his resistance leadership that is busy with a thousand mission and concerned with the nation and people. This defaming campaign’s major achievement was accusing him of assassinations whether through tribunals whose path and target are suspicious, or using suspicious media voices for the same purpose. However, the truth shines clearly declaring him a huge man of resistance in the battlefields of freedom who was killed by the enemies of the nation, and his martyrdom proved for everybody the American and Zionist lies and fabrications as well as the hired voices.

Badreddnie, under surveillance since two and a half decades, indicted with “international” judicial accusations and targeted with American financial sanctions and media lies, is greater than every accusation, and his martyrdom proved he is purer than such dim aspersions. His path defending our nations, their unity, diversity, minorities and majorities, those who are enemies of resistance, and others who are its friends, those who deny its grace and those who confess it, is a path that wraps up the age of one of its leaders with the shining truth that would never die, the truth of honor that neglects lies and betrayals, in which the path neither grows tired nor stops. It, however, raises us, and “Zulfikar” lifts us again. He is a symbol through which we ascended in his life and his martyrdom, and we will ascend again and again through him and what he founded and left of the final victory against the Takfiri and the Zionist.


Ahmad Shaito

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