Islamic Invitation Turkey
 27 March 2015 - Friday - 7 Jumada al-Thani 1436 | 27/03/2015 (3) 26/03/2015 (75) 25/03/2015 (56) 24/03/2015 (44) 23/03/2015 (39) Total: 86,701 content Facebook Twitter Youtube


27 March 2015 0:51

Down With the countries who have done nothing for Palestine, Gaza, but attack Yemeni People who are attacking takfirists. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sudan, Pakistan, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco, Israel are in the same bloc against Yemeni Revolutionary People. The governments especially that have covered their zionist faces with Islam have uncovered by attacking Yemen. People of...

13 March 2015 23:17

Yemeni protesters have staged a demonstration in the capital, Sana’a and saada demanding an end to foreign interference including Saudi Arabia in their country’s internal affairs. Demonstrators accused the United States and Saudi Arabia of meddling in Yemen’s politics by supporting fugitive former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and al-Qaeda in this country. The protesters also voiced support for the Ansarullah movement...

12 March 2015 8:33

Revolutionary Bahraini people have staged rallies in Bahrain to show support for jailed activists in the country’s notorious Jaw prison. Protesters took to the streets on the island city of Sitra and also in the village of Ma’ameer, which is the country’s industrial hub, in solidarity with the prisoners. On Tuesday, sources close to Bahrain’s opposition revealed that regime security forces had...

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