Even Hazrat Imam Ali’s enemies have acknowledged his nobility

The Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) belongs to all of humanity. He does not only belong to Shia Muslims and Muslims in general. All of humanity is humble and respectful before the greatness and beautiful aspects of Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s.), except for those people who do not know him. Therefore, you can see that the panegyrists of the…

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Nowruz celebrations: Iranians ring in Persian New Year

  Nowruz, which means New Day, is the first day of the Persian calendar month of Farvardin. The day usually falls on March 20 but in leap years, it coincides with March 21. Being originally a festival of Persian origin, Nowruz is also celebrated by hundreds of millions of people from other ethno-linguistic groups in several countries, including Tajikistan, Uzbekistan,…

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On the streets in Iran: Amou Nowruz & Haji Firooz +Pics

  Families often get together for the occasion. Some visit the elderly. Others take to public events. And still others choose to spend the moment New Year begins with the tick of the clock at the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH) in Mashhad or other sacred sites. Meanwhile, public entertainers don the costumes of traditional folktale characters Amou Nowruz — literally…

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Rabid Terror State Soldiers Martyr Two Palestinians near Nablus

  The health ministry said Raid Hamdan, 21, and Zaid Nouri, 20, died after being shot late Tuesday by occupation troops near the Joseph Tomb’s religious site close to the Palestinian city of Nablus. IOF opened fire at the car which Hamdan and Nouri were in, killing them, Palestinians sources said, adding that occupation forces prevented the Palestinian Red Crescent…

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Erdogan’s ruling party glowing with israel

Fatma Şahin, Ex Minister and the current Mayor candidate of AKP, Erdogan’s ruling party, in Gaziantep city pose for the cameras with zionist invader israeli flag in Feb.2019. One of another most important point is that the zionist israeli woman MP who said all Palestinian children must be killed and the voice of Adhan is like voice of dogs was…

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The masterminds behind dirty war on Syria behind New Zealand attack, massacre

The masterminds behind dirty war on Syria behind New Zealand attack, massacre because the same scenario takes us to the same perpetrators who played the same sinister game in Syria. No need to get lost in details here the answer. Remember what israel mentioned ISIL. “ISIL is a blessing of God for us against those nations that want to destroy…

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Is Turkey using New Zealand massacre in favour of upcoming election?

Ömer Çelik, the Spokesman of AKP about the massacre of New Zealand. “There is a political stacking doll ghost wandering. There is enmity for Erdogan at the top, and enmity for Turkey, Islam at the bottom of this political stacking dool ghost.” In the following tweet Hilal Kaplan says, “The dirtybag terrorist targeted Erdogan from 16,000 km while there are…

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Muslim world reacts to New Zealand mosque attacks

  As governments in Asia and the Middle East scrambled to find out how many of their citizens had been caught up in the bloodshed in the city of Christchurch, there was also anger that the attackers targeted worshipers at Friday prayers. “I blame these increasing terror attacks on the current Islamophobia post-9/11 (where) 1.3 billion Muslims have collectively been…

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Iran calls for all-out fight against Islamophobia in West amid NZ attack

  In a Friday message, the Iranian president condemned the “terrorist and racist” attack on Muslim worshippers, and described the massacre as a “barbaric and painful” incident which broke the hearts of all Muslim people in the world, especially the Iranian nation. At least one gunman killed 49 people and wounded more than 40 during Friday prayers at two New…

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Inhuman zionist Trump denies white extremism is rising threat despite New Zealand terror attacks

  Trump made the comments on Friday at the White House after he was asked by a reporter if he thought white nationalism is a growing global threat. Trump spoke to reporters shortly after issuing the first veto of his presidency, which preserved his declaration of an emergency over the threat to American safety from immigrants from Central America. “I…

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