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Days of Allah

15 October 2018 16:54

  Commander of the Special Unit of Iran’s Law Enforcement Force Brigadier General Hassan Karami said his forces would create six layers of security along the common borders with Iraq to ensure the safety of pilgrims during Arbaeen mourning ceremony later this month.   Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of his visit to the western city of Dehloran near the Iraqi border...

9 October 2018 22:21

Religious leaders from around the world have met in Iraq’s holy city of Karbala to speak out against religious extremism and the spread of sectarian propaganda by the Western media. Scholars, journalists and politicians attended the Fifth Tarateel Sajjadiya International Festival, organized by Imam Hussain Holy Shrine from October 5 to 7. The festival aimed at providing a platform for hearing anti-extremism...

21 September 2018 16:53

The Yemeni people from every walk of life, poured into streets in the capital, Sana’a, to commemorate the day of Ashura, which marks the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS), the third Shiite Imam, and his companions. Tens of thousands of Yemeni people gathered to participate in the rally, which opened with a speech of Leader of Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah Movement...

21 September 2018 16:52

The mourning ceremony of “Sham-e-Ghariban”, an event marked on the eleventh night of Muharram following the day of Ashura, the martyrdom anniversary of Shiite third imam, Hussein ibn Ali (AS), was held on Thursday evening in Iran's northeastern city of Mashhad.  

21 September 2018 8:29

  Bahraini regime forces have detained another Shia Muslim cleric as the ruling Al Khalifah dynasty presses ahead with its heavy-handed crackdown against members of the religious community during the Muslim mourning month of Muharram. Rights activists, requesting anonymity, said Bahraini officials ordered the arrest of Sheikh Mohammed al-Reish after he underwent an hours-long investigation at a police station in the Hoora...

20 September 2018 15:00

Thousands of Imam Hussein (A.S.) lovers  on Thursday took part in the Ashura march held by Hezbollah in the southern suburb of Beirut (Dahiyeh), marking the Tenth of Muharram, the anniversary of the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson. The participants chanted slogans which reiterate their determination to follow the path of Imam Hussein in the various fields, including mainly fighting oppression.    

20 September 2018 14:56

The followers and lovers of Imam Hussein (A.S.) gathered on Thursday at Sayyeda Zainab Shrine to Mark Ashura anniversary which refers to the murder of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and the third Imam of his Holy Family at the hands of the torturous ruler, Yazid. Unlike the recent years, the Ashura ceremony in Damascus countryside benefited from the secure conditions...

20 September 2018 14:16

Millions of Iranians hold mourning processions across the country on Ashura, which marks the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (PBUH), the third Shia Imam. The faithful Shia Muslims, dressed in black, have converged on the streets and in mosques in all cities and towns to listen to elegies in commemoration of Ashura, the 10th day of the lunar month of Muharram,...

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