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21 October 2016 17:21

An Iraqi convoy of Special Forces advancing toward Mosul, 4 ISIS suicide vehicle attacked Iraqi convoy also many Snipers.   The footage made by ITV News Crew shows dangers Iraqi forces facing in Mosul Liberation Operation.

21 October 2016 17:19

According to latest reports, Iraqi Army advancing to Mosul- ISIS last stronghold in Iraq - Joint security forces reached to Hamdaniya.   Hamdaniya’s districts east of Mosul show little resistance from ISIS terrorist. Tapa village and Qaraqosh located in center of Hamdaniya district, 15 kilometers northeast of Mosul liberated by Iraqi forces. Salem Mohammed Iraqi MP before Iraqi Army captures center of Hamdaniya...

20 October 2016 17:06

Almost two months since Islamic State ISIL terrorists abandoned the northern Iraqi city of Qayyara, heavy smoke still chokes the skyline. The Iraqi Ministry of Defense (MoD) released a video showing aerial footage of smoke billowing into the sky over the town on Wednesday (October 19), as the army launched an operation this week to retake the city of Mosul nearby. The...

19 October 2016 14:53

An aid group says thousands of Iraqis are fleeing to Syria in order to escape the fighting around the northern city of Mosul, where a wide-scale offensive is underway to drive out the ISIL   According to Iraqi official, After US officials announced on the possibility of ISIS Chemical attack, people decided to flee their homes on mass scales. Iraqi official ask people of...

18 October 2016 14:56   The Iraqi and coalition forces are preparing their operation of liberating Mosul outside of town, but the thick grey smoke rising from trenches set ablaze by ISIS (Daesh / ISIL) militants inside the town when they are preparing their resistance have aroused mixed feelings among Iraqis dwelling around Mosul. The smoke indicates that the days are now numbered for ISIS in...

14 October 2016 22:51

Iraqi especial forces have been deployed on the Khazer Front line ahead of planned operation to re-take Mosul. Iraqi special forces were on the Khazer frontline on Friday morning, some 40 kilometres (25 miles) from the city of Mosul, ahead of a planned operation to retake the city from Islamic State(!) (Daesh/ISIL/ISIS/IS) terrorists; AP reported.

13 October 2016 16:19

A bus station in the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo has been hit by a rebel mortar shell. Seven children came under fire, five were killed.   A mortar shell landed right next to a bus station in the government-controlled al-Hamadaneyah neighborhood of Aleppo, RT’s Murad Gazdiev reported from the Al Razi hospital, where the victims have been brought. A total of seven...

13 October 2016 16:17

Russia’s state owned broadcaster RTR on Thursday aired footage showing Syrian army soldiers conducting military operations in the northern city of Aleppo.   The video footage reportedly showed Syrian army soldiers exchanging fire with rebels. According to a Syrian army commander, the troops were trying to re-take the neighborhoods of Sakhour and Hanano. Meanwhile, Syrian opposition activists said more than a dozen airstrikes were...

13 October 2016 13:40

New video clip by Islamic Invitation Turkey The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei, You the young ones are actually great treasure of the country. "The blessed messages of Karbala and Ashura have found widest sense of reflection at both materially and spiritually of personality of Imam Khomeini (r.a). These noble uprising waves come into existence by this...

11 October 2016 16:51

8 ISIS elements were spotted crossing the highway of Suwayda, coming from Buraq village, located in the northeastern countryside of Daraa. Three ISIS militants were killed and one Injured in Syrian Army ambush when a roadside IED exploded in a rough terrain in southern Syria.

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