Islamic Invitation Turkey
14 February 2016 - Sunday - 6 Jamada al-Ula 1437 | 14/02/2016 (53) 13/02/2016 (51) 12/02/2016 (36) 11/02/2016 (68) 10/02/2016 (66) Total: 103,630 content Facebook Twitter Youtube


12 February 2016 10:19

"Turkey is touchstone for the security of the region (Israeli security). Iran and Hezbolah will get a severe blow by the overturn of Bashar Al-Assad," Ehud Barak This Video is worth watching- How Israel works to divide Sunnis and Shias...

11 January 2016 22:54 THE FORMER HEAD OF ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE SHIN BET REVEALS SECRET SATANIC PLAN BEING STAGED THESE DAYS: LET SUNNI COALITION(TURKEY-SAUDI ARABIA..) FIGHT IRAN TO PROTECT ISRAEL AGAINST PALESTINE! Amy Ayalon: We have to create a kind of reality. Realistic reality. We are living in Middle East. Then let’s go back. If you are asking me. What is the reality? What should be...

17 December 2015 10:55 The civilized world has been shocked by the recent massacre in the Nigerian city of Zaria, where a peaceful gathering of Nigeria Hezhollahi Movement Muslims for celebrating birthday anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was deliberately targeted by the military, which is believed to take orders from the US, the Zionist entity, and Arab reactionary regimes, such as Saudi Arabia.

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