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29 September 2016 16:57

The Syrian military says it has inflicted heavy losses on foreign-backed terrorists in a series of operations across the country.   Backed by helicopter gunships, Syrian troops attacked militant positions in the hilltop village of Tal Sawwan in the western province of Homs on Wednesday in a bid to retake the strategic al-Sha'er Mountains. According to government sources, a large number of terrorists...

29 September 2016 16:54

Terrorist groups in Syria might use chemical weapons against civilians and the army in Aleppo in order to pin the blame for the atrocities on Damascus and further undermine the crumbling peace process in the war-torn country, the Russian Defense Ministry said.   “It became known that terrorist groups are preparing provocative attacks with chemical weapons on Syrian army positions and residential...

29 September 2016 9:22

World media never published the most important part of the ONE MINUTE THEATRE! Here you can watch THE UNTOLD of that well played THEATRE.

28 September 2016 16:31

Footage shows Syrian Army has taken control of Farafrah District in eastern Aleppo, where the Syrian Aram Army has launched a new wide-Scale offensive and pushing back terrorists.   Filed officer told Reuters: "We entered Farafrah District and broke the first defence line of the armed terrorist groups in the area and we controlled their equipment."

27 September 2016 23:17

Syrian Army troops fended off ISIS attack to cut off a key road from Northern Homs to Eastern Hama, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.   Syrian army soldiers defended their positions against ISIS's attacks and pushed them back before they could access Homs-al-Salamiyah road near the village of al-Quneitrat. Several ISIS terrorist were killed or wounded and their machinegun-equipped vehicles were destroyed...

25 September 2016 23:40

Eighteen people, including two children, were killed on Saturday (September 24) when militants shot at a checkpoint north of Tikrit and then set off two bombs at the entrance to the Iraqi city in attacks later claimed by Islamic State (ISIS / Daesh / ISIL).   It was the first such assault since Tikrit, 150 km north of Baghdad, was retaken from...

25 September 2016 23:38

Syrian Army troops backed by their allies have launched joint attacks on terrorists' defense lines in the Handarat Palestinian Refugees Camp to recapture the camp in Northern Aleppo, field sources said Sunday.

25 September 2016 23:34

Video uploaded to social media purports to show fierce fighting among Syrian Army troops and rebels near Handarat camp in Aleppo after government forces seized ground from rebels.

25 September 2016 14:26 These are the Muslim (?) ones fighting against Kuffar (?) Assad. These Muslims are askind help from inhuman, zionist, slaughterer israel who is eternal enemy of Islam. Assad has never let Israeli embassy in Syrian land that is why he was declared as a bad guy by zionists.

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