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27 June 2015 12:30

Friday's Zionist Saudi war crimes on civilians in Hajjah Exclusive Video- Erdogan stated that they had been informed about the attack on Yemen beforehand

21 June 2015 18:48

Exclusive- Erdogan stated that they had been informed about the attack on Yemen beforehand. Erdogan, "Turkey has a mission in Middle East. What is that (mission)? We are the one of the co-chair of Greater Middle East and North Africa Initiative. And we are fulfilling our mission." RTE March 04, 2006 The Brutalities and crimes committed by Zionist Saudi regime and...

20 June 2015 12:39

A new video has emerged showing an officer opening fire on a car carrying six unarmed African American teenagers and shooting at them more than a dozen rounds. The dashboard camera video, which was obtained by The Chicago Reporter, was recorded in December 2013. It shows Chicago police officer Marco Proano shooting into a moving car of the six teenagers at...

20 June 2015 12:07

Hezbollah launched on Friday morning a major attack on terrorists of the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) takfiri group on the outskirts of Arsal barrens, east of Lebanon, targeting one of its main gathering points. The operation took place in Khirbet Hamam region where ISIL operatives were plotting to launch an attack on Baalbek barrens. The Islamic Resistance...

18 June 2015 20:08

Erdogan, the President of Turkish Republic, insulted the daughter of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by calling blackbeetles as BLACK FATIMA which is a term that is used by Zionists, the enemies of Islam, on purpose to target Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and his family whom are praised in many Ayats in Qur’an like: “Say, , "I do not ask you for...

16 June 2015 19:05

Besir ATALAY, the Vice Chairman and Spokesperson of AKP, is confessing how their government supported, established so-called opposition HDP party which is another branch of Zionist Barzani. Atalay: Er, all studies have been prepared and laws are made for the return of those people who live abroad and in the mountains (reffering to the PKK). A big role is given to...

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