Islamic Invitation Turkey
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18 November 2014 23:18

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15 November 2014 14:27 We Sunnis ask: Where are Sunni Governments for Gaza while Shia Iran is giving missiles, arms, aids to Palestinian Resistance? Iran helps Resistance axis without Shia, Sunni distinction. Iran's help is according to Haq, truth not according to mazhabs or religions. Can you tell a name of Sunni country that gives arms to Sunni Palestine? Did Sunnis see any helps from...

6 November 2014 19:06

Here is the Ankara, the capital of Turkey, not Israel. Turkish police use force to disperse protest against Zionist regime of Israel over the dirty aggression towards Holy Masjeed Al- Aqsa. In the video one of the protesters to police: "Hey, men! Are you Jewish?" These words belong to Turkish Economy Minister NOT Israeli Economy Minister While Gaza is under attack...

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