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 29 March 2015 - Sunday - 9 Jumada al-Thani 1436 | 29/03/2015 (45) 28/03/2015 (71) 27/03/2015 (82) 26/03/2015 (75) 25/03/2015 (56) Total: 86,896 content Facebook Twitter Youtube

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29 March 2015 12:13

One of Yemeni source mentioned that Saudi Arabia is planning to assassinate Ansarollah leaders. Yemeni Colonel Abdussettar Al-Bushali told to Iranian source that Saudi Arabia is planing to place at least 5000 terrorists in Yemen to fight the leaders of Ansarollah, Yemeni prominent army figures. The source stated that Saudi Arabia asked Turkey to transfer the terrorists in Turkey to Saudi...

26 March 2015 22:53

Down With the countries who have done nothing for Palestine, Gaza, but attack Yemeni People who are attacking takfirists. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sudan, Pakistan, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco, Israel are in the same bloc against Yemeni Revolutionary People. The governments especially that have covered their zionist faces with Islam have uncovered by attacking Yemen. People of the World and...

24 March 2015 14:33

“We have sadly learned about the demise of Sayyeda Fatima Houseini,the beloved elder sister of The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Sayed Imam Ali Khamanei. We kindly offer our sincere condolences with a great respect and regard to The Sacred Leader of World Muslims and Oppressed Humanity Sayed Imam Ali Khamanei along with with his familiy.” İslami Davet Islamic Invitation

21 March 2015 12:40

The model of Turkish President Erdogan was presented during the festival of Rize Days in Turkey's Black Sea Region. The security officals did not allow people to touch the model, in addition they said that (as in the video) it is not ethical to touch the model of Erdogan. There were AKP (Erdogan's ruling Party) MPs among those who posed...

3 March 2015 22:05

When they saw that no one believed (even Judges, and Prosecutors) the presence of PKK in Turkey they put bombs in the gardens of Judges and Prosecutors to convince them the presence of PKK in Turkey. Do not they have the same plots to convince Turkish People to the presence of ISIL terroists in Turkey? They have massacred Turkish People who...

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