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16 September 2014 8:27

Prominent, Well-known Sunni Cleric Hizbullah HAKVERDI (Hilmi KOCAASLAN) Wished Quick Recovery For The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei. BIISMIHI TEALA (In the name of Allah) We wish quick and lasting recovery from Rabbal Alamin (Lord of the Worlds), Malek al-Yevmiddin (The only owner of the day of Recompense), Halık al-Ard Ve's-semavat (the creator of the World...

3 September 2014 1:40

Iran, Hezbollah armed Palestinians while Saudi Arabia and allies armed israel Sunni Palestinian Islamic Jihad Thanks Iran and Hezbollah (English Subtitles) Hamas Leader Zahar: Iran finances/arms/supports Resistance without any cost, precondition or expectation! Islamic Jihad Praises Iran Hezbollah Role About Quds  

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