Imam Khomeini and the Future of Islamic World

“Islamic Republic of Iran has put Masjeed Al-Aqsa, Quds and Palestine on the world agenda and made all faithful hearts happy. Thus, Islamic Republic of Iran has given the real importance of Quds to itself in terms of Islamic and Quranic meaning. Zionism and Imperialism are blocked, destroyed, and burnt by the Divine Duty of Islamic Republic of Iran.” Prominent Sunni Cleric Hizbullah HAKVERDI


The destruction of the oppressive systems of falsehood and taghut (oppressors, aggressors) is the definite word of Allah, the requirement of unchanged Divine Law.

The modern world shaped, encoloured by Great Satan US cut all relations with True Religion that spreads life, savior nour; as a result, it has become the symbol of the darkest, the wildest, the most murderer era of mankind. Islamic Republic of Iran has arisen in an unforeseen place and time like the shining sun, and it has opened (that will never close) an era of inverse historical change eternally. And the period of True Mohammadi Islam, True Islam towards the entrance –transition- of magnificent Islamic Era has begun. “The historical change of modern world issue” is transferred around this Divine line.

“Life which is the manifestation of The Alive, The Self-subsisting (Al- Hayyee, Al-Qayyum) has earthbound and spiritual sides. It continues its existence (the set ratio, amount) by the merciful appearance of The Beneficent, The Merciful names of Allah.
The filth like all kinds of sins, evils, dirt in life and on earth is cleaned by the shiny appearance of The Holy (Al-Quddus) and the life, worlds are turned into very clean, sparkling place of display of beautiful names of Allah.”
From the Pen of Prominent Sunni Cleric Hizbullah HAKVERDI (Hilmi KOCAASLAN)

“Qur’an-e Karim tells the truth of events, and warns by enouncing the reason, process, cause, outcome war of truth and falsehood that is highly symbolized with the tribes, societies of Noah, Hud, Lut, Shoaib (a.s), and The Garden of Eden, Saba, Babylonia, Pharaoh, Quraysh of Mecca; Within this direction, Qur’an-e Karim is the exact source of happiness and hope for believers by warning the falsehood block, Taghuti powers and showing, encouraging, comforting, bestowing favor on the front of Truth and the leaders of guidance amongst the mankind until the end of time.”
From the Pen of Prominent Sunni Cleric Hizbullah HAKVERDI (Hilmi KOCAASLAN)

Rasool-e Akram (pbuh) planted the divine seed, laid the foundation of worldwide Islamic Revolution with the help of leaders, and followers of Ansar and Muhajirun, thus Ahlul Bayth the living example of Qur’an would be together with Qur’an, and the Qur’an would be in a body with Ahlul Bayth of Prophet (pbuh) a kind of fruitful goodly tree (goodly tree, whose root is firmly fixed, and its branches (reach) to the sky (i.e. very high) 14:24) which will reach up to the end of days and continue to fruit under the name of Divine Islamic Revolution until the end of time.

“Karbala the loneliness, madhloomiyat (oppression) reflection of the Pure Mohammadi Islam;.. Ashura the representation of True Islam, the preservtion, justification of Family of Islam by watering with pure blood in order to give on commission of Pure Mohammadi Islam to the future eras, ages influentially, and vigorously. Ashura the divulgation, uncovering of the Islamic faced fithy powers, hypocrites and the vigilance, standing up against them. Ashura reflects the practices, diciplines of school and culture of Qur’an and Ashura has gained its original identity by Islamic Revolution. With the help of Islamic Revolution, Ashura has become the top agenda of a great majority of world muslims who were deprived of the soul, consciousness of it while Ashura has been liberated from the aimless, entangled with superstitions (in fact, myth), official and standart practices of others. Ashura has been brought to one of the most important basic dynamics and even the most important position before and after the Revolution.” From the Pen of Prominent Sunni Cleric Hizbullah HAKVERDI (Hilmi KOCAASLAN)


“Imam Khomeini (ra) planted the first seed (in our age), developed and formed the foundation of Divine Islamic Revolution that turned the historical change of modern world in favours of Islam, muslims, and mostadafin (oppressed) against the imperialism naturally, in this way the balances in the world are changed, revolutionized completely and eternally.” From the Pen of Prominent Sunni Cleric Hizbullah HAKVERDI (Hilmi KOCAASLAN)

“To our scientific, and Islamic research we think that Mahdi possessing the divine and holy names like Rohollah(Messiah), Habibollah, Zebiullah (martyr, victimized) is not a name but an adjective that represents the mission of finding the true path and making others find the truth completely, that is why I am of opinion that the term of Revolution of Mahdi for Islamic Revolution is the exact point in terms of mentally, and religiously.” From the Pen of Prominent Sunni Cleric Hizbullah HAKVERDI (Hilmi KOCAASLAN)


“The long-awaited Hazrat Mahdi will enlighten the Islamic Ummah and helpless oppressed people with the divine, prophetic (Nabawi) light (nour) once again and will perform the rules of Qur’an and sharia of Mohammad (pbuh) worthily to its essence. Thus, the long-awaited Mahdi will attain the divine exellence by taking, getting the humanity to the right path successfully.”

“The divine front of humanity that takes it source from True Religion (Din-e Haq) has formed the golden pages of history and become the honour for human life.
And, the sharpest and shining models of this divine front of humanity was seen during the enlightened times of prophets (as) especially era of bliss the luminary period of the last prophet (pbuh) without a shadow of a doubt. On the other hand, with the dawn (coming) of Islamic Revolution this divine circle has advanced its continuity increasingly.”

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