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Washington’s coup attempt in Venezuela not working: Analyst

In its attempt to stage a coup in Venezuela, the administration in Washington has not made any achievement even though the US has been “attacking Venezuela one way or another” during the past months of Nicolas Maduro’s presidency, says a commentator. President Donald Trump of the United States on Tuesday renewed his call on the Venezuelan military forces to end…

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Iran, Russia FMs vow efforts to help resolve Venezuela crisis

  In a Tuesday phone call initiated by the Iranian side, Zarif and Lavrov discussed the latest developments unfolding in Venezuela, which has been grappling with a political crisis since January, Xinhua quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying in a brief statement on Tuesday. The top Iranian and Russian diplomats expressed their “readiness to contribute, on the basis of…

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US-Zionist puppet Guaido-led opposition occupies Venezuelan diplomatic properties in US

  Guaido’s US envoy Carlos Vecchio announced the move from the office of Venezuela’s military attaché in Washington, one of the buildings occupied on Monday. “We are taking these steps in order to preserve the assets of the Venezuelans here in this country,” Vecchio said after replacing Maduro’s portrait with an image of Guaido. The other two occupied buildings include…

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Venezuela’s Maduro plans deep government restructuring: Vice president

  In a tweet on Sunday Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said Maduro “has asked the entire executive Cabinet to put their roles up for review in a deep restructuring of the methods and functions of the Bolivarian government, to protect the fatherland of Bolivar and Chavez from any threat.” She was referring to independence leader Simon Bolivar and the late…

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Even US Envoy Admits Venezuela’s Guaido ‘Not in Power’

The US sees opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s acting president but admits that he does not have real power because President Nicolas Maduro did not resign, US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams told a news briefing on Friday. He referred to the developments on 23 January, when Guaido was declared “interim president” by Venezuela’s National Assembly, in line…

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US officials offered Iranian engineer cash to take down Tehran’s power grid

  Narwani revealed on Thursday that the engineer, a friend of hers whom she did not name for security reasons, was approached twice by “US State Department employees” following Iran’s 2009 post-election unrest and was offered $250,000 to carry out the operation. The agents allegedly described the operation as “very simple”, demanding that the engineer go to a specific area in Tehran and apply…

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Maduro Vows ‘Powerful Changes’ in Govt, New Authority to Protect Infrastructure

  “Soon, I will announce new powerful changes in ways of the national government’s work,” Maduro said in a speech at the presidential palace in Caracas on Friday, as aired by his Periscope channel. The president has not specified, however, what changes will be made but he called on the government ministers to go to the streets and “rule together…

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President Maduro creates military unit to protect key services after massive blackout

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says he has authorized the formation of a new military unit tasked with protecting the country’s key infrastructure following the recent nationwide blackout. Maduro said during a speech at the presidential palace in the capital Caracas on Friday that the military unit, dubbed Command for the Defense of Basic Strategic Services, was tasked with protecting basic…

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Venezuela says US behind ‘terrorist’ attack on oil facility

  The blaze broke out at the Petro San Felix heavy oil processing plant in eastern Venezuela late Wednesday. There were no reports of casualties. Speaking to state television, Oil Minister Manuel Quevedo accused the head of the opposition-ruled Congress, Juan Guaido, who has named himself as Venezuela’s interim president, for triggering the incident. The minister said on Twitter that…

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China offers help to restore power in Venezuela

  Venezuela has been in political turmoil over the past few months, with the opposition holding widespread anti-government protests, blaming Maduro for an ailing economy, hyperinflation, power cuts, and shortages of basic items. Opposition figure Juan Guaido declared himself Venezuela’s “interim president” on January 23, deepening the crisis. Washington took the lead in recognizing the 35-year-old opposition figure’s claim, followed by the…

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