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Venezuela ready to defend itself after US invokes regional defense treaty: FM

The Venezuelan government says the Latin American country is “ready” to defend itself against any foreign military intervention, after the United States invoked a regional defense treaty that might justify such a move. “We are ready to protect ourselves, we are ready to react,” said Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza at a press conference after meeting in Geneva with UN…

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Maduro says to skip UN General Assembly, aides will attend to condemn US sanctions

Maduro said Thursday that Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez and Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza were going to present UN Secretary General Antonio Guetrres with a petition signed by 12 million Venezuelans criticizing US sanctions against the oil-rich country. “Here is the immense majority of the Venezuelan people saying no more blockade, no more sanctions,” Maduro said in a speech to…

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Cuba launches anti-Trump signature drive in solidarity with Venezuela

According to Xinhua, signatures collected in Cuba this week will be added to millions of signatures already collected in Venezuela as part of the “No More Trump” campaign to raise awareness about the impact of Washington’s sanctions on the economy of the South American country. “Cubans will join signature drive demanding the end of the brutal aggression on Venezuela,” Cuban President…

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Venezuela’s prosecutors to charge US-backed Juan Guaido with ‘high treason’

Venezuelan prosecutors say they would charge opposition figure Juan Guaido with “high treason” for plotting to hand over a disputed oil-rich border area to foreign companies, in exchange for political support from Britain. Attorney General Tarek William Saab said on Friday that Guaido is being investigated for negotiating to renounce “the historical claim our country has on the territory of Esequibo” — which…

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Maduro puts military on high alert, accuses Colombia of plotting attack

Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, has put the military forces on high alert across the border from Colombia, accusing Bogota of plotting an attack against his country. Speaking during a military ceremony in the capital Caracas on Tuesday, Maduro said he has ordered the commander of the armed forces “to declare an alert … in the face of the threatened aggression…

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Venezuelan govt. resumes talks with opposition

Weeks ago, US president Donald Trump launched a full-scale economic blockade against Venezuela. This led to the suspension of talks with the opposition by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Caracas has now returned to the negotiation table in an effort to reach a peace agreement.  The opposition says the goal of negotiations must be holding early presidential elections to remove President…

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US not after ‘military intervention in Venezuela, claims US diplomat

“What we want is not a military intervention by the international community, but rather a peaceful, political and democratic resolution (of the crisis) based on Venezuela’s constitution,” Washington’s Venezuela Affairs Unit (VAU) Charge d’Affaires James Story was cited Wednesday by Reuters as saying in an interview published on the website of Venezuelan newspaper 2001. “How can you have a democracy…

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Argentines protest for wage increases amidst growing default fears

Large crowds took to the streets of Buenos Aires on Friday to call for an increase in wages, as the Argentine peso buckles under the weight of inflation and default fears. Argentina’s peso slumped on Friday, recording its worst monthly performance ever, after ratings agency Standard & Poor’s announced it was slashing Argentina’s long-term credit rating to “junk.” The ratings action follows…

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North Korea test fires two more missiles after rejecting talks with South

The South Korean military said in a statement that the North fired two “unidentified projectiles” from a site near the city of Tongchon on Friday. South Korea’s military officials said they were analyzing data they acquired through radar and other intelligence-gathering equipment to determine what type of projectiles had been launched. Seoul has described most of the North’s previous launches as…

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Russia, Venezuela defense chiefs sign naval pact on warship port visits

The military agreement was signed in Moscow on Thursday between Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and his visiting Venezuelan counterpart Vladimir Padrino Lopez, the Interfax news agency reported. The development came nearly a week after President Nicolas Maduro vowed during a rally in Caracas that Venezuela ready to resist and “defeat” Washington’s “imperialist blockade” against the South American nation. Venezuelans line up to sign petition opposing US sanctionsPeople…

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