10 killed in Baghdad car bomb blast


10 killed in Baghdad car bomb blast

A car bomb has gone off in a crowded area in Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, killing at least 10 people.

Iraqi security officials said the bomb attack took place during the morning rush hour on Tuesday in the Baghdad Jadida area in the east of the city.

More than 30 people were also wounded in the blast.

The explosion came a day after attacks in Shia areas in several cities, including Baghdad, killed at least 58 people, among them 15 worshippers who lost their lives when an assailant blew up his explosives at a Shia mosque in Baghdad.

Since early this year, Iraq has been facing a growing militancy by the Takfiri ISIL terror group and its allied militants who have taken over areas in the country’s west and north. The crisis has deteriorated since June, when the ISIL declared a so-called caliphate on the territories under its control.

The ISIL terrorists have been committing heinous crimes in the areas they have taken, including the mass execution of civilians as well as Iraqi army troops and officers.

The Iraqi army, backed by Kurdish forces and thousands of volunteers, is engaged in fierce fighting with the ISIL militants to push them out of the captured areas.

According to officials, Kurdish forces backed by Iraqi air power retook three villages from the ISIL Takfiris in the Jalawla area in Diyala Province on Monday.

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