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10 tons of explosives used by al-Nusra suicide bombers in targeting the security branch in Syria

Three large explosions occurred in a security branch on al-Kaboun – Karajat road, near Harasta, of Damascus countryside.
The first information say the explosion resulted in some injuries, material damages and no victims.

In the details, Breaking News reporter said that a bomb car has blasted on the entry of the security building, followed by the explosion of an ambulance that was driven by a suicide bomber in the same place.
A third explosion occurred but no details have been given.
Our correspondent pointed out that harsh clashes took place after the blasts between Syrian Army units and armed groups who attempted to raid on the branch.
In a statement revealed by al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra front, in which they claim responsibility for the two terrorist explosions, the details of the operation were published in three stages.
In the first stage, “A car bomb, loaded with 9 Tons of explosions, that was driven by terrorist Abu Zar al-Shami, blasted in the building”.
The second stage was carried out 25 minutes after the first, in which the terrorist Abu Yahia al-Shami broke into the building driving an ambulance, loaded with one Ton of explosives, and bombed himself to target the rest of the people who were in the building.
Finally, and in the third stage, the building was bombed by a large amount of mortar shells.

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