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10 Zionists, mostly Mossad agents, killed, wounded in attack on Mossad HQ in Iraq

Iraqi sources released new details of the attack on the Mossad headquarters in the north of the country and published the names of a number of killed Zionists.

A security source revealed to Saberin News new details of the attack on the Mossad headquarters in northern Iraq.

The security source stated that 10 Zionists were killed and wounded in the attack on the Mossad affiliated center in Erbil.

According to intelligence sources, the attack on the Mossad Intelligence and Special Operations center resulted in the death and wounding of 10 Zionists, the source added, saying that the identities of three of those killed have been revealed.

These Zionist officers have been conducting intelligence activities at the Mossad-affiliated center in Erbil for months, Saberin News reported, saying that there is detailed information on Mossad intelligence centers and activities that will be released if necessary.

Security sources reported that a facility affiliated with the Israeli regime’s Mossad spy agency had been attacked by “unknown resistance forces” in the north of the country, Iraq’s Sabereen News quoted sources late on Tuesday.

The incident came hours after an Israeli ship was attacked in the Emirati port of Fujairah, causing damage but no casualties.

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