11 civilians killed in rockets attacks by ISIL in Iraq’s Fallujah

Medical sources in Iraq say nearly a dozen civilians, among them women and children, have been killed and more than three dozen others injured in rocket attacks by Takfiri ISIL militants against residential neighborhoods in the western city of Fallujah.

The sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Arabic-language al-Sumaria satellite television network on Wednesday that 11 people lost their lives as the projectiles hit populated areas across the city, located roughly 69 kilometers (43 miles) west of the capital, Baghdad.

Two women and four children were among the victims. Another 38 civilians, among them 15 women and 11 children, also sustained injuries. Some of them have been reported to be in a critical condition.

Iraqi government forces drive in armored vehicles on the outskirts of Fallujah, west of the capital, Baghdad, as they prepare to attack ISIL positions in the city, July 7, 2015. (© AFP)


Iraqi army forces, backed by fighters from allied Popular Mobilization units, have launched a major operation to take back the strategic western city of Fallujah from Takfiri ISIL militants.

Iraqi officials said the offensive to retake the troubled city began on Monday night.

Fallujah lies between Baghdad and Anbar’s provincial capital of Ramadi, which is under ISIL control. The city’s liberation will choke off the militants’ supply lines.

Meanwhile, Iraqi forces supported by Popular Mobilization units, have killed 73 ISIL extremists and defused 17 vehicles rigged with explosives during operations across the city of Haditha, situated about 240 kilometers (150 miles) northwest of Baghdad.

An Iraqi fighter from the Popular Mobilization units fires toward ISIL positions during clashes on the northern outskirts of the city of Fallujah, west of the capital, Baghdad, July 7, 2015. (© AFP)


ISIL started its campaign of terror in Iraq in early June 2014. The heavily armed terrorists took control of Mosul before sweeping through parts of the country’s heartland.

Iraqi soldiers, police units, Kurdish forces, and Shia and Sunni volunteers are engaged in battles with the terrorists to drive them out of the areas under their control.

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