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12 quotes by Imam Khamenei that will make you love reading books

On the occasion of the Iranian National Book Week, publishes 12 quotes by Imam Khamenei on the the importance of books and book reading in human life.

1. First divine revelation to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was: Read!

It is a big loss for a nation to be unfamiliar with books. On the other hand, it is a splendid achievement for a person to be fond of books, always benefiting from them—learning new things. Through this perspective, the value and underlying significance of a historical event can be understood that the first address of the Almighty God to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was to “read!” And in the first verse revealed to God’s honorable messenger, the word ‘pen’ is mentioned with admiration and praise. “Read! Your Lord is the Most Generous, who was taught by the pen.” [Quran 96: 3-4]

December 25, 1993

2. Body and Soul are nourished by books

This world and the Hereafter of mankind—the body and soul—are nourished and nurtured by books. The process of human perfection is achieved through books.

September 12, 1995

3. Books are the essence of civilizations

A book is the mother of and the essence of civilizations.

September 12, 1995

4. Add Books to family basket

We should add books to the family basket, just like bread and food.

May 16, 1995

5. Books are the best means of achieving perfection

Books are the gateway to the world of knowledge and wisdom, and good books are among the best means of achieving human perfection.

December 25, 1993

6. Reading books is a religious duty

Today reading books and acquiring knowledge are not only a national duty, but also a religious obligation.

December 25, 1993

7. Get connected with the gorgeous world of books

One who is not connected with the gorgeous and vibrant world of books is—undoubtedly—deprived of the most important achievements of humankind, as well as the majority of divine and human knowledge.

December 25, 1993

8. Drinks for soul 

Books are like drinks for the soul, but some drinks are harmful.

May 11, 1993

9. Books are food for the soul

In a book-reading society, the authors and publishers of books should be admired, and they [the authors] should also perform their job being aware of its impact and significance. The food for soul and spirit should be provided healthy and rich; hence, those who act otherwise, commit a bigger mistake or crime than that of providers of unhealthy and poor food.

December 25, 1993

10. Books take you to a better place

Books are a compilation of human knowledge that prepare the minds for understanding better, thinking better, innovating better, and being placed in a better and more appropriate position.

December 25, 1991

11. Without books, societies cannot achieve their goals

Our people must develop a fondness with books. Otherwise, Iranian society will not achieve its goals and dream.

May 16, 1995

12. Nothing can replace books

As we progress, our need for books increases. The assumption that with the emergence of new networking technologies, books are marginalized, is erroneous. Books continuously become more important in human societies. The emerging technologies are at best distributing the contents of the books easily. Nothing can replace books.

July 20, 2011

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