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15 Videos- What’s happening in Syria

Turkish People in Ankara against any Turkey- Syria War

Thousands Turkish People in Istanbul protest any Turkey- Syria War

U.S, Israel-backed terrorists destroy Syria

Zionists-backed terrorists in Syria hide in sewage

Brave Syrian Army against zionist lobbies-backed terrorists in Syria

“Syria is Golden Link of Resistance”: Velayeti

Syrians are with Syrian Army not with Israel-backed terrorists

U.S, Zionist Israel-backed terrorists bombed a Hospital in Syria

Germans support Al- Assad Government

Israel-backed Foreign Terrorists Massacre in Syria’s Daraya

Galloway wonderful discussion about Syria

Over 50 000 Turkish People in Hatay show solidarity to Hero Assad

Zionist powers can NOT overthrow Hero Assad

Nasrallah: Arab regimes try to topple Syrian Regime

Confirmed- The Mortar Shell to Akcakale was from Terrorists Not Syrian Army

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