15 yr old Mohammad Tamimi arrested after being shot in the head by zionist israeli forces

Fithteen year old, Mohammad Tamimi -cousin of Ahed Tamimi, currently in Israeli detention- has been arrested by Israeli forces during the early hours of this morning, he was shot in the head two months prior to this.

Mohammad Tamimi was in coma for several days, before under going major surgery – in which part of his skull was removed.

 The 15 year old was shot in the head, with a rubber-coated steel bullet, by an Israeli occupation soldier, in his native village of Nabi Saleh, back in December of 2017.

After surgery, doctors recommended that, Mohammad Tamimi, take a complete break from physical activities, consuming the medication he was prescribed and resting until his next surgery squeduled for sometime around May (This Year).

It is feared by Mohammad’s family that he will be abuse in the custody of the Israelis and dis-allowed his absolutely essential medicine (in order to recover), meaning the possibility of inflicting serious harm or death upon the Palestinian youth.

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