2 high-ranking Jaysh al-Islam leaders suddenly killed in Damascus’ Douma city, reports of assassination


Confirmed reports have emerged stating that two rebel commanders belonging to Jaysh al-Islam have been killed in Damascus’ eastern district city of Douma.

The slain rebel leaders have been identified as Jaysh al-Islam management chief Abu Ali Idara and treasury chief Abu Omar Maliyah. At the present time, it is unclear how exactly the two militant commanders died.

In an official statement, Jaysh al-Islam claimed they were killed in a Syrian Army artillery strike, however local opposition sources are claiming they were assassinated by their own ranks.

If the claims by Douma-based activists are true, then it is possible that a dispute over the recent agreement reached between Jaysh al-Islam and the Syrian government may have been the reason for the assassination of the rebel commanders; however, this is only speculation for now.

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