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20 Videos- Turkey, Syria, confessions, attacks, media lies… all about Syria

Syrian Army entering a city demolished by zionist-backed FSA

Turkish People in Ankara against any Turkey- Syria War

Thousands Turkish People in Istanbul protest any Turkey- Syria War

U.S, Israel-backed terrorists destroy Syria

Weapons used by terrorists in Syria are from Zionist Israel, U.S

Syrians love Hero Bashar Al-Assad and Syrian Army

Tunisian terrorist Ahmad Balhac confess his crimes in Syria

Terrorist confess his crimes in Syria

Terrorists demolish Mosques, Churches, Shrines, Historical Places in Syria

Arm smuggling for U.S, Israel-backed terrorists in Syria

Syrian Air Defense a big threat to Foes

Syrian Grateful to Brave Syrian Army

Here the U.S, Israel-made terrorists Al-Qaeda in Syria

Syrian Navy Might give fear to Enemy and confidence to Friend

Islamic Syrian Army clean Aleppo from U.S, Israel-backed foreign terrorists

Aleppos Hail Brave Syrian Army

Golan People show solidarity to Al- Assad

Al-Jazeera and FSA Collaboration for killing Syrian People!

Heroic Syrian Army clean Daria from inhuman terrorists

Brutal massacre of U.S, Israel-backed terrorists in Syria

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