3 Palestinians arrested, others injured in clashes with zionsit forces in Jerusalem

images_News_2013_07_17_clashes04_300_0Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday evening arrested three Jerusalemites, while dozens were injured during violent clashes in the vicinity of the Damascus Gate.

The clashes broke out when the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) suppressed a mass protest against the Prawer scheme.

Local sources said that the soldiers surrounded and attacked dozens of citizens from the occupied city of Jerusalem and the 1948 occupied territories, who took part in the vigil staged to protest against Prawer plan.

Medic Bassem Zidani pointed out that there have been dozens of injuries and that the IOF attacked all the citizens; including the women, children and old people, who were present in the vicinity of the Damascus Gate even those who were not involved in the protest.

Meanwhile, Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowments and Heritage warned in a statement on Wednesday of a new Israeli plan to build hotels and tourist and commercial facilities on parts of the land of the Islamic historical cemetery of Ma’man Allah in Jerusalem.

The Foundation considered such procedure a crime and a flagrant violation of the sanctity of the dead, and asserted that it will spare no effort to respond to and thwart this scheme.

Hebrew newspaper Ma’ariv published on Wednesday morning on its website news item stating that the Israeli municipality in Jerusalem began to develop plans and draw blueprints to build hotels and tourist and commercial facilities on parts of the cemetery.

The newspaper pointed out that the Finance Committee in the municipality allocated 200 thousand shekels (about 75 thousand U.S. $) for the planning of the project, in collaboration with the Israeli Eden Company.

Al-Aqsa Foundation pointed out that the Israeli enterprise seized the cemetery and swept away hundreds of graves, then it has established schools and playgrounds for the Israelis.

The Foundation has launched a few months ago a local and international campaign to address all the Israeli plans targeting the Islamic cemetery of Ma’man Allah.

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