4 more Yemenis martyred by zionist servant Yemeni government’s troops as protests rage

4 more Yemenis killed by government's troops as protests rage

Yemeni government’s soldiers have killed four more people in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, as protests flare in the Arab country.

Earlier today, a Yemeni man was shot dead and several others wounded as soldiers opened fire on protesters as part of the government’s plan to suppress the popular uprisings, Reuters reported.
Police used tear gas and water cannon against the protesters, who were camped along the road near the interior ministry.
The latest round of fighting comes as hundreds of thousands of Yemeni people from various tribes and faiths have been staging massive protests in Sana’a for the last several weeks to demand the dismissal of the government and the reversal of an earlier government decision to slash fuel subsidies.
They rejected Mansour Hadi’s initiative to form a new government and partially reduce fuel prices.
The protesters said they will continue their mass rallies until all their demands are met.
The Yemeni army and security forces have on numerous occasions used force against the protests. But the crackdown has so far failed to stop the protests.
The Houthi movement that played a key role in the popular uprising that forced former dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down in 2012 is now a part of the comprehensively popular protests.

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