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40 female prisoners are still in Zionist jails


The Palestinian ministry of prisoners’ affairs said that there are still 40 Palestinian women imprisoned in the Zionist jails after the release of 19 prisoners on Friday and the intention to release another one on Sunday.

“The joy of liberating female prisoners should not make us forget that their sisters still languish behind prison bars suffering a lot from the occupation’s repressive practices and being denied the simplest means of dignified life”, Riyadh Al-Ashqar, the information director in the ministry, noted.

Ashqar pointed out that most of the minor female prisoners were released in the deal except one girl child called Samah Samadah from Ramallah who was kidnapped in December 2008 and sentenced to one year in prison.

He said that there are five female prisoners serving life sentences including detainee Ahlam Al-Tamimi who received 16 life sentences.

The official added that the female prisoners include 12 patients, the most serious are the cases of Amal Juma who suffer from cancer in the uterus and Wafa Samir who sustained severe burns before kidnapping her.

The official stressed the need for insisting on releasing all Palestinian female prisoners from the Zionist jails in any future swap deal and not to waive this demand even if the deal was delayed for months again.

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