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5 killed, 7 injured in Zionist regime attacks on Syria’s Hama

Syrian government on Friday night announced that 5 people have been killed and 7 others were injured during the attacks of the Zionist regime launched in Hama province.

The attack was launched in the Masyaf region of Hama province, SANA reported.

One civilian was among those killed and a child was also injured, according to the reports.

Syrian official sources on Friday night announced that the Syrian army’s air defenses had repelled Israeli attacks on the Masyaf region.

The Zionist regime targeted Syria’s Qunaitra two times on Wednesday.

The Syrian army’s air defenses have repeatedly repelled the Israeli regime’s attacks in various parts of the country in recent months.

The Syrian government has sent letters to the United Nations condemning the attacks and calling for an end to them.

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