8 Soldiers Beheaded in Latest ISIS Video for ‘revenge’

8 accused ‘Informants’ forced on their knees and beheaded in latest ISIS video. butchers justify their savagery as ‘revenge’ for military operations in Syria and Iraq

The video contrasts the murders of the eight men, all blindfolded dressed in red jumpsuits, cut with footage of people who apparently have been killed or badly injured in coalition attacks on ISIS-held locations.

The men are accused of being informers, engaged in military operations against ISIS.

The slickly edited video – which appears to take inspiration from violent video games, complete with sickening ‘player profiles’ of each of the doomed men – is thought to have been shot in the Euprhates, which covers Syria and Iraq.

The men, who are both Iraqi and Syrian, are led by their murderers out of a van onto a derelict piece of land, where they are forced to kneel in a row.

The captors, armed with what look like meat cleavers, stand behind their victims.Behind them, the buildings appear to have been reduced to rubble.

The makers of the video seem to want to point the finger of blame for their latest horrendous actions at the coalition forces’ campaign against ISIS, Mail online reports.

This new video has been released just days after another ISIS production, which claimed to show a young boy executing an alleged Israeli-Arab spy.

At about the same time, militants fighting for the ISIS have released a video claiming to show the execution of two Libyan soldiers.

The militants have turned to brutal videos like these as a form of propaganda, apparently simultaneously hoping to attract new fighters and spread fear among those working against ISIS.

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