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90 Percent of Iraq’s Orthodox Christians Are Displaced

90 Percent of Iraq's Orthodox Christians Are Displaced

As ISIL continue their reign of terror, the chaos, violence and persecution forced upon the thousands of people in the region has caused 90 percent of Orthodox Christians in Iraq to flee the sanctity of their homes, according to the Greek Orthodox Bishop for Baghdad, Ghattas Hazim.
Hazim, who is also the Greek Orthodox Bishop of Kuwait and other surrounding areas, said in a recent interview that he fears for the future of the Orthodox Christian presence in Iraq, Syria, and the whole Mesopotamia region. Citing unspecified statistics, Hazim said that 90 percent of Iraqi Orthodox Christians have been displaced from their homes. He added that only 30 of 600 Orthodox families remain in Baghdad as ISIS’ quest to conquer the city continues.
In Mosul, only 10 Orthodox families remain, although it’s believed that the only Christians left in Mosul are those who could not afford to, or physically, flee.

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