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900 Azerbaijanis most of whom are dead have joined terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq


Almost one thousand Azerbaijani nationals have joined terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq according to deputy chief of the Azerbaijani State Security Service, Major General Ilgar Musayev.

The state security official confessed to the Russian Interfax media agency on Friday that some 900 Azerbaijani citizens had left the country at some point over the last five years to fight for terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq.

The general went on to add that whilst eighty-two returned Azerbaijani jihadist had been arrested and prosecuted for joining foreign terrorist groups, another 151 were completely stripped of their citizenship.

As for the remaining number of the approximately 900 Azerbaijani terrorists, Musayev claims that most of them are now dead, having been killed in counter-terrorism operations in Iraq and Syria.

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