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99 People Injured, 1 Dead in Strong Quake in Southern Iran

Spokeswoman of Hormuzgan province’s University of Medical Sciences Fatemeh Norouzian said that the 6.4-magnitude quake which jolted the province on Sunday has so far left 99 people injured and one dead.

“The number of people injured in the huge quake of Sunday in Hormuzgan has increased to 99 so far,” Norouzian told FNA on Monday.

“One person has also passed away,” she added.

Norouzian said that 88 wounded people have been discharged from hospital after receiving necessary medical services.

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake jolted the city of Fin in the Southern Iranian province of Hormuzgan on Sunday. 

According to the Seismological Center of the Geophysics Institute of Tehran University, the earthquake occurred at 15:37:04 hours local time (12:07:04 GMT) and at the depth of 15 km underground.

It was followed by a 6.3-magnitude aftershock a minute later at 15:38:38 hours local time (12:08:38 GMT).

Hormozgan Governor’s Deputy for Coordination in Construction Affairs Reza Modarres told FNA that “we estimate that at least 3,000 housing units have been damaged 20 to 80 percent” in the Sunday quake.

The Head of Red Crescent Society of Iran said on Sunday night that houses in 137 villages in Hormuzgan province have been damaged due to the Sunday quake, but fortunately despite the high strength of the earthquake the extent of damages and casualties is not too severe.

“The relief and rescue teams of the IRSC were dispatched to the region immediately and the neighboring provinces are on full alert,” said the IRSC head.

Karim Hemmati said that despite the strength of the quake in the South of the country there are not huge damages.’

“After the quake 150 operation forces surveyed the situation in 61 villages, but their surveys show that 137 villages have been affected by the earthquake and therefore, more teams have been dispatched to those villages as well,” added Hemmati.

He said that the IRSC had in advance been ready for this earthquake, saying that in Hormuzgan province there are 8,000 tents and 17,000 blankets in IRSC warehouses, and there is no shortage in that respect. 

He said that Kerman and Fars provinces, too, have been announced as assistant provinces so that sufficient support will be at hand upon declaring need.

 “Also, 5,000 tents, 2,700 blankets, and 5,000 rugs have been sent along with other relief and rescue items to the central part of the earthquake-stricken region,” he said.

Iranian President Ebrahim Rayeesi expressed sympathy for the victims of the strong earthquake in Hormuzgan province, and emphasized that all aid agencies and responsible ministries should rush to help the quake-hit people as soon as possible.

President Rayeesi ordered all the authorities in Hormuzgan province and the neighboring provinces, as well as the responsible ministries, to follow up on the situation in the region as soon as possible with the priority of relief and rescue operation.

He ordered his first vice president to closely examine the problems caused by the earthquake as soon as possible so that people feel calm, secure and make sure that relief and rescue operations are done on time and well.

After Rayeesi’s order, First Vice-President Mohammad Mokhber traveled to Hormuzgan province on Sunday night to visit the quake-hit areas and resolve the problems created after the disaster.

He also visited the hospitals which had received the wounded people.

Also, Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi called for urgent investigation and help to the quake-hit people in Southern Iran.

Vahidi was informed of the latest situation of the quake-hit people in the region through officials of Hormuzgan province.

He said that the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy, the Red Crescent Society, the governor-general’s office, and the crisis management headquarters are all on high alert to help the quake-stricken people.

The Army’s Deputy Commander for Executive Affairs and Head of Crisis Management Headquarters announced on Sunday all Army Rapid Reaction Units’ readiness for launching relief and rescue operations in Homuzgan to assist the quake-stricken citizens urgently.

Brigadier General Mohammad Mahmoudi who was in Bandar Abbas city to review the conditions of the units stationed in the port city, said that the units stationed in this region are fully ready for offering relief and rescue operations to the citizens in need.

“It has been announced to the units stationed in the southern regions of the country, including the naval, air, and land defense units, to be on full red alert for assisting the people, and to be in constant touch with the concerned organizations and the Crisis Management Headquarters, so that if that headquarters will announce any need or demand assistance, they will be available,” he added.

Also, Commander of the IRGC Navy Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri underlined presence of the engineering units of this force along with relief groups and heavy machinery in the main epicenter of Hormozgan earthquake in order to remove debris and reopen the roads, and said, “We are standing beside the people and at any time and place with all our might to reduce their pain.”

Meantime, the Iranian Army’s Air Force declared preparedness to transfer any aid needed for the quake-stricken areas.

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