A close source to the government denies the assassination of President Assad

514fac58633bdA close source to the government departments to “RT” (Russia Today) cahnnel English-speaking has denied what some social networking websites has transmitted of rumors about that an Iranian bodyguard of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has tried to assassinate him. The source has said: ” this is not true at all. The news has been published for the first time on an Israeli site. It is a shameful matter for all the news’ channels, papers and websites to transcribe this without mentioning the source of it. The Israeli site has been the one that published it, and all the channels has used it. it is funny. And al-Assad does not have an Iranian bodyguard. “Le Monde” the French weekly magazine has quoted of “Free Army” militia on 24 March its denial of these reports by these sites of the assassination attempt of President Bashar al-Assad.

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