Abu Mujahed: Human rights watch is blatantly biased in favor of Israel

Spokesman for the Palestinian resistance committees Abu Mujahed condemned the report of the human rights watch on the resistance rocket attacks on Israeli targets as blatantly biased in favor of the Israeli regime.

In a press release on Tuesday, Abu Mujahed said that the human rights watch equalized between the victims and the executioner and deliberately ignored the nature of the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation.

“Our people are seeking to restore their homeland,” the spokesman emphasized.

“Our resistance of the Zionist occupation is a legitimate inalienable right guaranteed by all laws and norms, and such organization claiming its defense of human rights was supposed to stand by our cause of freedom and liberation from the obnoxious racist Zionist occupation,” he added.

He also highlighted that the Palestinian resistance uses every weapon in its hand to repel the death that comes from the Israeli regime which had embarked on targeting innocent people in their homes and on the streets in full view of the whole world during the last war on Gaza.

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